4th birthday
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Zoe’s 4th Birthday Celebration

Do you agree with me how crazy time flies? It seems like yesterday Zoe is just a little baby but now she just celebrated her 4th birthday.ย 

This post is 5 days late because I have too much in plate but I hope when you’re old enough, you’ll still remember how we celebrated your 4th birthday.ย 

4th birthday

How did we celebrate?

A day before Zoe’s 4th birthday, we went to the mall to eat out and watch a movie. We’re from a small family and not really used in throwing a party.ย 

Zoe is a day shy in turning 4 years old and I guess it’s the perfect timing for her to watch a movie in a cinema. I got Zoe her own chair, popcorn and milktea.

We watched Aladdin, and while waiting for the movie to start she saw Frozen 2 trailer and can’t wait to watch it in the cinema too. Oh, this is the start of our movie dates. Haha

Zoe is a talkative little girl and it’s hard for her to keep quiet. There are times she’ll get too excited an shout or ask me questions aloud. Overall, she enjoyed the movie. The dancing and singing part especially. She’s talking about Aladdin for days.

Zoe loves dressing up and while shopping she saw a unicorn bag. Quickly run to her uncle and asked “Uncle, can this be your gift?”. Zoe is really a bibo one. Then went up to me if I can buy her a party dress. I really have a shopping buddy in her.

Zoe's unFOURgettable party.

Zoe’s been asking me for months if it’s her birthday already. She loves celebrating birthdays. But on her 4th she don’t want a party.

So to make your 4th birthday unFOURgettable, I DIYed your balloons garland (if you want a tutorial, just let me know), baked your favorite blueberry cheesecake in a heart pan as per your request and bought some play-dohs as a gift.ย 

4th birthday

As a single mom, raising Zoe alone. I always make sure that we’re always creating memories. Yes, it’s a simple celebration but what matter is the memories we had. If you’ll ask her how she celebrated her birthday, she got lots of stories to tell.ย 

4th birthday

Last year she woke to this. This year, you helped me in putting up your balloons, we bake your cake together and played play-dohs together.

Happy 4th birthday my princess. It’s been four wonderful years with you. Always know that you are loved, you are worth it and i will always be thankful that you came into my life.ย 

4th birthday

To all the parents out there, it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple or grand celebration. For our kids, the memories that we’re creating will last forever.

If you want a tutorial on how i did the balloons garland, just comment down below. Also, do share this blog with your family and friends if you find this helpful.ย 


Momma Genย 

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