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How To Be Whole Again As A Solo Mom.


Wholeness In One

As you all know I am a single mom since pregnancy and my daughter is now 3 yrs old. Know my story here.
And I have often been asked how can I remain so happy and energetic while juggling being a solo mom, work, and all of the responsibilities of a household? Honestly, the truth is that I have always felt empowered by being a single mother. 
So for today, let me share to you 3 factors you need in your life to be whole again. 

1. Acceptance

For you to keep you going, you need to accept that this is the new chapter of your life, that no one will save you except “you”. When you truly embrace “solohood”, you’ll wake up every day with a smile and you can appreciate your life more.
Take this opportunity to get to know yourself. Dig deep and do the things you really love. And put your focus on yourself and your child.
The most important tip I have for you is to take life one day at a time. You might not have a fairytale happy ending for now, but you can be your child own superhero. Accept the fact that it’s just you and your child and that this is your journey. Yes, it’s just you and your child and nowadays not all families are the same and that’s okay. Don’t ever doubt your decision. In time everything will make sense.
For you to survive solohood, acceptance is the key because if you’re still in denial. You really can’t move forward. But after accepting this new chapter of your life, everything else will follow. 

2. Always Stay Positive.

Do you know that your attitude is really important? Why? Because it will not only affect your kids’ ability to handle everyday ups and downs, but it also has the power to impact whether the future for your family is born of hope or despair. 
Being a solo mom is not how I saw my life going. However, I’ve made the decision to raise my daughter alone, I chose this path and I know I made the right decision. Just like anything else in life, there are positives and negatives. I really believe that life is what you make it. So every day, I choose to look at my life positively as it makes everything so much easier!

3. Forgiveness

Lastly, to pick up your self and be whole again. You need to forgive. That’s very important for you to heal.

First, forgive yourself. you have to let go of your past mistakes. Own your mistakes. You have to let those past mistakes go.  You have to give them to God, turn from them, and not think of them again. Because we all make mistakes so stop beating yourself up. 
For you to move forward, you have to forgive anyone that you have bitterness towards.  Especially the donor or your ex. Because being bitter at those individuals will only hurt you and make your life a living hell. I know it’s not easy but letting go of all the anger, believe me, it’s such a nice feeling.
As for me, I don’t have time for pity parties so negativity and anger are not welcome in my life. You just need to trust the process. This is something that I not only tell you, but it’s something I remind myself of every day. If you need to tell yourself, over and over, to remind yourself that it’s a process, then do it. Time heals, take your time. But don’t let anger eat you up! 


It is the time for a fresh start in the way you look at yourself. You are not perfect. We are not.  No one is, but through a personal relationship with Christ, He gives us the perfection that we need. In him we are WHOLE. He is the perfect partner we always needed in raising our Child. 
life with zg

I hope this post help you somehow especially if you’re just a new solo parent and you’re just new in this journey. 

I just want you to know that if you need a friend, if you need a listener. I AM HERE.

Lastly, I just want you to remember that you need to own your journey, embrace it, this is your story you are fully in control.

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