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4 Reasons Why Zoe Is Not In School At The Age of 4 years old.

Today, most of the kids go to school at an early age. So when you’re kid is not yet in school at the age of 4 years old. They kept on asking “Why”. So I want to share the reasons why I chose a different paradigm for Zoe. And that is “unschooling”.ย 

What is Unschooling?

According to Wikipedia,ย ย Unschoolingย is an educational philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning.

Unschooling studentsย learnย through their natural life experiences includingย play,ย householdย responsibilities, personal interests and curiosity, internships and work experience, travel, books, family, mentors, andย social interaction.


Why Did I Chose Unschooling?

During my childhood days, my mindset was to always excel in class. To always push myself so I’ll always be on the top just so I can meet my parents expectations. But when I entered college, I was so burnout and tired already.ย 

And because of that, I don’t want Zoe to experience the same thing. I don’t want her to spend her adult years healing from the first 2 decades of her life. I’ve been there already.ย 

There are so many reasons why I chose to unschool Zoe. And today let me share my top 4 reasons.

1. Unschooling is child led.

In unschooling, it is child-led. Zoe’s in charge of her own education. Because I trust her that she’s capable of doing this. That she’ll learn at her own pace when she’s ready.

People always ask me “Why Zoe is not yet in school. She’s 4 years old already.” It’s because I believe it is her right to be able to follow her interest, satisfy her natural curiosity and deserves to make her own choices.


2. Freedom

Who doesn’t love freedom, anyway? We don’t follow any curriculum. There’s a lack of pressure and learning is not time-dependent. We’re free from morning alarms. There’s no need to wake up early to prepare for school. No need to wait for class suspensions during rainy days. We can be in our pajamas the whole day. Most of all, free from exams and grading system. She can play all day and enjoy her childhood as it should be. Yet she’s still learning.

There’s a freedomย to play all day, explore her interests, make mistakes and keep trying. There are no limits!ย 

writing her full name at 3 years old

3. Learning From Life

For us, living is learning. Learning is not just confined in a four-walled classroom and a table and chair but a part of life.

Just because she’s not yet in school, people always assume that she’s left behind. Is she? Of course not. She’s learning a lot and she always surprises me every day. Like in writing, at the age of 3 she started writing and now she can write her full name already without being forced.ย 

She also gets to experience real and meaningful learning at her own pace. My only job is to support her, guide her, provide lots of opportunities, experiences, and resources for her to learn.ย 

Check out some activities here.

kindercity ph

4. Strengthening our relationship.

As a single mom, deepening our connection and nourishing our relationship is very important. Most of all, spending her childhood together. Because we value family togetherness.

Since pregnancy, we’re partners already. And how magical it is to learn with your child? To see them unfold. To explore the world together.ย 

That’s why for us, unschooling is a lifestyle. It is not just a method but a way of looking at your children and at life.


When children choose what they want to learn it increases their motivation to learn. They learn how to learn, and then they crave for more learning.ย 

Most of the people don’t agree with me about unschooling but who cares anyway? Unschooling works for me and Zoe. And trust me, it’s an amazing life!ย 

If you’re interested to know more about unschooling, watch out for my next blog post as I will be sharing more. If this post helped you, please don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

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