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I always love the idea of twinning with my daughter. I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a daughter so they can play dress up. I like to buy twinning clothes or just mix and match our clothes. It’s one of our bonding and Zoe really likes it when we do twinning.
Last year, I bought this twinning wrap dress from @chichigirlscloset. It’s one of our favorite but Zoe almost outgrow her dress. We love to pair our dresses with our white shoes. Zoe loves her Sperry and I’m wearing Adidas.

Whenever we take ootds, almost all photos are candid because we’re just playing and enjoying while my brother takes multiple shots of us. As a photographer, I always want photos that tells a story. So let me share to you the stories behind our photos.

Here, we’re just playing hide and seek. Zoe is such a happy baby so she giggles non stop at that time. Seeing her so happy is everything to me.

“Mom, look there’s a worm.” she uttered while I’m seriously posing for the camera.

“Mom, look up! There’s a flock of birds.” That explains her smile.

It is important for me that we’re creating fun memories that she’ll remember when she grows up. So instead of directing her for the perfect pose for the “gram”. We’re just enjoying every moment. If we don’t get decent shots to post. There’s always a next time. No pressure at all. ❤

When she’s in the mood, she always ask me to take photos of her. And I am always amazed where did she get her poses. I just love taking photos of you love. You’ll always be mommy’s favorite subject. And I know the cameras will love you more as you grow up.

This world is your playground. So keep running and exploring! Mommy got your back all the way!

I hope you’ll still happily twin with me even when you get a little bit older. 💞 Here’s to more twinning, memories, photographs and fun with you my love!
Do you enjoy this twinning post of us? And do you agree she’s my mini me? 😊

Momma ZG
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