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Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy

Last January 19-20, 2019, some of the students from Twinkle Toes Ballet joined the Asia Pacific Arts Festival held in Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam. Twinkle Toes won Overall Top Awards and bagged 15 Gold Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies and 3 Bronze Trophies. We are so proud to all the young ballerinas who truly conquered the International Stage and gives honor to the Philippines.

What is Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF) aims to pursue harmony, peace, and global friendship through cultural exchange programs, workshops, and Performing Arts competitions. APAF has been successfully held for the past 6 years with participants from Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

The mission of this festival is to encourage youth participants to nurture and cultivate peace and unity through the understanding of the diversity of cultures, races, languages, faiths, traditions, and customs. Our vision is to ultimately attain peace and unity through mutual understanding of each other through the expression of our love for the Arts.

Meet the ballerinas.

Natalie Caitlin May Umbalin

Twinkle toes

2018 Overall Champion

For 2019 ( She is One of the winners of the 4 Overall top awards which ย is Modern Contemporary โ€จ1st Runner Up with Chi Chi Tan for their DUO and 1st Runner up for her Classical Ballet. )

How was your experience being part of the Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

I am grateful for being part of the Asia Pacific Arts Festival. I got to meet new friends with different Nationalities. We had a great bonding experience with the students from our school. We also learned a lot from the workshops, there was Ballet Workshops, Modern Dance, Cultural Dance and also Improvisation with Choreography. It was a wonderful experience learning from great teachers and mentors.

What advice can you give to fellow dancers?

I would advice them to always work hard and believe in themselves. Discipline and Preparation is very important in these types of Competition. You will be more confident if you are well prepared.

Also stay humble even if you reach the top awards. Always be genuinely happy for your fellow dancers even if you didnโ€™t compete. They will also be there for you to cheer you when you are the one on stage. Team work is very important we all work together with one goal. We should also look after our fellow dancers and help them out when they need us.

What is your most memorable experience at the Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

It was truly one of the most memorable experiences in my life. This is my 2nd time joining. Last 2018 I won the Overall Dance Champion Award in the Whole Competition. This year aside from my 3 Gold Awards:

  • 1 for my Classical Solo
  • 1 for our Group where I was the main choreographer
  • 1 for my DUO with Chi Chi Tan

I also won 2 special awards and I was part of the 4 Overall Top Awards again. I was the 1st Runner Up for my Classical Solo I wasnโ€™t expecting this but Iโ€™m so happy I received it. ย I also received 1st runner Up for the Contemporary Duo entry with Chi Chi Tan. I am so grateful for these awards. It was really a tough competition this year. We had to compete with all ages, including all SOLO / DUOS / GROUPS/ including students who were really older than us.

What activities as a Team did you enjoy at Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam?

Our team enjoyed the gift giving activity during the festival where we met new friends from other Nationalities. We all had a something in common we all dance. ย We enjoyed learning a new language greeting in Malaysian. All the classes during the Team Building was very memorable.

Chi Chi Tanย 

( One of the winners of the 4 Overall top awards which is Modern Contemporary, โ€จ3rd Runner Up and 1st Runner up for her Duo together with Natalie Caitlin May Umbalin)

1. How was your experience being part of the Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

I had a very memorable experience during the event. We had special classes and workshops with different coaches from Malaysia, Philippines and the USA. I really had fun and I learned a lot from them. Also, I’ve met new friends from other countries and we are now friends on Facebook!

2. What advice can you give to other dancers?

Well, I’m not yet on the professional level to give advice, so I think I can only share my experiences in every competition that I’ve been through. I just focus, pray and think that it’s my last performance each time I perform. I do hope I can inspire other kids like me to dream big and keep reaching for their star. “Walang imposible sa taong masipag.” That’s my motto in life.

3. How does it feel to have a trophy in Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

I was telling my mom that I will not take off my costume because I will wait for the announcement of winners. I was hopeful that time, but I never expected I will bring home some top awards (part of the overall awards). Then, when I got my gold award for my solo, duo and group contemporary performances, I was already happy and contented. When the overall top awardees were called, I was so shocked I got the 3rd Runner up overall for my solo, and the 1st Runner Up overall for my duo with Ate Natalie!

I was the youngest modern contemporary in the overall winners! I cannot believe it. To compete with other countries, and groups, even older than me wasn’t easy. They were all so good. So, It was the best feeling ever. It was my first time to compete abroad.


ย How was your experience being part of the Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

I had so much fun! I made new friends and have had a whole new unique experience. Kahit po It was my first time being a part of Asia Pacific Arts Festival I did not feel left out. Everyone is so friendly which made me happy and want to meet them again next time.

What advice can you give to fellow dancers?

As a dancer at the young age i would like to tell my fellow dancers to pursue their dreams and keep on going even though sometimes we fail. To just keep motivated and donโ€™t stop dreaming. We are still young, we shouldnโ€™t stop here. What if your failure is your stepping stone to success? We will never know unless you try.

What is your most memorable experience at the Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

For me the whole APAF (Asia Pacific Arts Festival) is memorable. I will cherish every single moment in my memories. I am thankful for everyone for making every moment unforgettable.

How does it feel to win a Thropy at the Asia Pacific Arts Festival?

I was grateful. I felt extreme happiness when i recieved 2 gold awards. I did not expect to recieve a gold award but here I am, I made it! I am thankful for our mentors who helped us to achieve the awards that we received.

What activities as a Team did you enjoy at Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam?

The activity that I enjoyed the most during the festival is the team building workshop activity where our team met the delegates from other countries. We spent time to know each other and made friends from other countries.

Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy

It is a school using the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Syllabus for their Classical Ballet Classes. Twinkle Toes is also a member of ABAP the Association of Ballet Academies in the Philippines.

They are also the 1st Ballet Toddler Day Care School in the Philippines to offer Baby Ballet Classes for kids as young as 1year – 5 years old. They specialize in little kids where all classes are fun and exciting each day.

Their unique exclusive syllabus for the Baby Ballet Program includes unique Classes like Mommy and Me Ballet, Play Dance, Baby Ballet. Because they believe Dance is something little kids should enjoy while learning. They have Mall Shows, Ballet Recitals, Dance Festivals and Ballet Competitions to further improve their confidence and artistry.

They offer Dance, Fitness and Sports Classes such as:

Baby Ballet, Play Dance, Classical Ballet, Adult Ballet, Advance and Intermediate Ballet Contemporary Dance, Modern Ballet, Progressing Ballet Technique, Modern Jazz, Zumba, Yoga, Bellydancing, Streetdance, HipHop, K-Pop, Taekwondo, Hawaiian Dance, Tahitian Dance, Rythmic Gymnastics, Ballroom Dancing, Folk Dance, Pilates and Yoga

They offer the following Music Classes:

Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, Flute Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Violin Lessons, Viola Lesson, Saxophone Lessons, Drum ย lessons and Voice Lessons.

They also offer Arts Classes we such as:

Watercolor Painting, Drawing and Sketching, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Sewing and Crafts.


I hope by now you are all inspired by these young ballerinas. So to all the parents, let’s always support our kids. Summer is fast approaching and instead of spending too much time on gadgets. Enroll your kids with Twinkle Toes and who knows, they might be the next representative!

Check out the nearest branch in your place. Enrollment is on going!ย Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy BRANCHESย where you can join classes:

1.) Katipunan Branch at UP Technohub Commonwealth Diliman inside UP Kiinetix Lab 2nd floor.
2.) Panay Branch – Idance Studio Panay Ave QC near Quezon Avenue at the back of National Books Store Crossings
3.) Fairview Branch – Unit 1 167 Place bldg Commonwealth Fairview Quezon City beside kowloon house in front of Elyongs Restaurant
4.) Sucat Branch – BF Sucat Paraรฑaque inside Jackielou Ville Subd Sucat Paranaque
5.) Las Pinas inside Brentwood Learning Center
6.) Congressional Avenue – inside John Dewey Congressional Ave Cor Mindanao Ave, Project 8, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila (near Trinoma across KFC from other side of the road)
7.) Mckinley Hill Grand Canal Mall inside Yoga Plus Express Studio
8.) BGC Treston International College: 4th floor Treston Health Club Dance Studio 1 Near MARKET MARKET

Twinkle Toes Contact number :ย 09175460515 / 2117898


Their programs are especially designed to expand each childโ€™s individual creativity and artistic abilities. That’s why you’ll know your kids are in a good hands.


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