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Tips and Tricks In Using Shampoo Bars

Last time I talked about the reasons why switch to shampoo bars. Click here.

Today, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for you!

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  1.  Create The Lather in Your Hands.

  2. Use your fingers like a comb and smooth the lather along your hair. 
  3. Don’t let your shampoo bar sit in a puddle of water. You must store it on a well-drained soap dish or a container.

  4. Allow soap plenty of fresh air to dry between uses. I don’t store mine inside my bathroom as I noticed it’s melting even if it is well-drained when inside the bathroom due to moisture.
  5. If your bar ever gets waterlogged and becomes gooey, simply set it on a draining soap dish for a few days and let it dry out thoroughly. I do this especially with the conditioner bar as it is softer than the shampoo bars.

Artisan's Bliss Shampoo Bars

Thank you so much Artisan’s Bliss for letting me try all 6 variants of your shampoo bars. 

Grow Green
life with zg
Luscious Purple
life with zg
Choco Meister
Sea Breeze
life with zg
Lil Bubba
life with zg
Black Pearl
life with zg


I love all of them and I love how tipid it is. One shampoo bar lasts me for about 2-3 months. I also noticed that my hair grows faster since switching to shampoo bars and lessen my hair fall as well.

Among all the variants, one of my favorites is Black Pearl and Choco Meister because when I am stressed out I noticed I’m suffering from dandruff but since using the both of them, my scalp is now healthier.

Second is the Grow Green, it really helps my hair grow faster than the usual. 

I’m so thankful I got to try all of them. I don’t have any complaints. Everything worked for me and I recommend them too. 


Ocean Fresh
life with zg
life with zg
Honey Lavender
life with zg
life with zg


For the Conditioner bars, I suggest buying the ocean fresh than the honey lavender. Because the lilac one is softer and it’s still gooey even if I drained it for days. But both worked for me though when my Mom tried it, her hair became oily upon using the lilac conditioner bar. So it’s really a trial and error and will always depend on your hair if it’ll work for you. But definitely worth a try!


life with zg

One thing that really made me happy is that all of her products come with biodegradable packaging and label. Check out my review about her handcrafted soap here.

I hope by now, I already convinced you to switch to handcrafted soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars. 

Let’s practice purchasing and supporting anything from a local small business. Especially that Christmas is fast approaching.

How about you? Are you using shampoo bars already? If you have other tips just leave a comment down below!


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