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All Purpose Healing Salve and Skin Candies

I’m so grateful for thisย All-Purpose Healing Salve!

Read on and discover just how versatile this salve can be!

Uses of Healing Salve

  1. It’s amazing for insect bites!
  2. It can be an all-around moisturizer. You can use it for the body and even on the face.
  3. It soothes and heals chapped lips!
  4. ย It’s amazing to soothe burns and sunburn!
  5. ย Because of its Antiseptic properties, it is great for cuts and scrapes!

I’m so happy I found this mainly because Zoe is allergic to insect bites. It really amazed me because when Zoe had a mosquito bite, I applied this healing salve immediately and voila! There’s no swelling. I have it with me anywhere we go and it’s a life saver!

Oat and Milk Bar Soap

This soap feels great on my skin. It lathers easily and does the job of cleaning well. It is a simple yet effective product which is gentle on the skin and I love how it smells.ย  Be sure to keep it in a dry place because it dissolves easily when not properly stored.


Honestly I’m expecting so much from this shampoo bar because I’m hearing a lot of feedbacks about it. But sadly, it’s not “hiyang” on me. As the saying goes, what work for me might not work for you. So I guess if you have a oily hair like me try this at your own risk.


All of Carla’s products are really skin candies! I always drool every time I browse her feed. So many good stuff to pamper yourself! Because, hey I am promoting self love and self care!

Shout out to Carla for being so kind. I just love how I am building a friendship while doing what I love. Next time I’ll try out other variants of your soap!

Another thing I love about The Skin Candies is that there’s no unnecessary packaging only recycled bond paper. Yes to more shops supporting less waste!

Don’t forget to check out her page and get your skin candies now! And to all mommas, grab your healing salve now. Available in stick too! I have it with me all the time.



I believe nothing beats the quality of something truly handmade from scratch, where you know the quality, purity, and freshness of eachย ingredient.ย 

Let’s support local and small business. Especially Christmas is fast approaching! If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Be sure to stay connected by following all my social media accounts.


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