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    Benefits Of Bonding Through Reading.

    Instead of toys, I really invest in books because I want to raise a reader. If you want to check out my big bad wolf haul, just go here http://lifewithzg.com/big-bad-wolf-2019-haul/ So today, let me share some benefits of bonding through reading. Benefits of Bonding through Reading: 1. You can develop emotional closeness by sharing your feelings. 2. You can impart important lessons in every story. 3. Reading is great opportunity to establish a strong and nurturing bond. 4. Reading is a way of creating beautiful moments together that they will remember forever. 5. Reading develops new interests. There are so many benefits of bonding through reading so if you and…

  • Slime

    Slime Recipe without Borax or Liquid Starch

    Zoe loves sensorial activities since she’s a baby, because several of her senses are stimulated at ones and it builds her creativity and imaginative skills. So for today we will share how to make a glittery slime. Glittery Slime Ingredients 5oz Bottle of Glitter Glue 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda 1-2 Tablespoons Contact Solution 1/2 Cup Water* I just used 1T water because Zoe wanted a thicker slime.* How to make the slime: 1. Add the bottle of glitter glue to a medium bowl. I used Elmer’s glue. 2. Add the water or omit this step for a thicker slime consistency. 3. Add the baking soda and mix well. 4. Finally,…

  • Cloud Dough Recipe

    Today, Zoe asked me if we can do another batch of playdough so she can make new colors of dough but I told her we’ll make a different one today. I decided to make a cloud dough so she can experiment with different textures. She loves sensory play so much loves touching flour when we’re baking too. What is a cloud dough? The consistency of Cloud Dough can be powdery like flour, moldable and a bit like damp sand.  It is perfect for moulding, shaping, squeezing, pressing and sculpting into different shapes. And, unlike playdough, the child can disintegrate this without any effort. It can be sent back to its…


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