• Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding my 3 years old daughter

    Yes, Zoe is 3.7 years old and still exclusively breastfed. I know, breastfeeding this long might not for everyone. I totally get that. And I am not forcing anyone who wasn’t comfortable to do extended breastfeeding. So I hope the same goes to all the people who shames me for choosing to breastfeed Zoe until she self wean. We are breastfeeding anytime and anywhere since birth til now. Because for me, it is natural, it is love and it’s our bonding. Everytime she sees me sitting, it’s always an opportunity to latch. Sometimes for only 30 seconds, sometimes til she fell asleep. She’s still unli latch at night and that’s…

  • nursing bra

    5 Factors To Consider When Buying Nursing Bra.

    Iโ€™ve been breastfeeding Zoe for almost 3.3 years now and weโ€™re still going strong with no signs of weaning yet. As a first time mom who plans to breastfeed til Zoe self wean I really bought a lot of nursing bras. But sadly stopped wearing them when Zoe turned 1 year old because itโ€™s not comfortable anymore. So I told myself next time Iโ€™ll invest and pick nursing bra wisely. Luckily, I found Coobie Bras. They have all types of bra not just nursing bra. They sent me two kinds of bra, nursing bra and scoop neck which are the bestsellers for me to try. 5 factors I consider when…

  • Hakab Na 2018 Tagaytay Chapter

    Hakab means โ€œlatchโ€ in Filipino and the phrase ” Hakab na” is an invitation for mothers to latch their baby onto their breast. Families and breastfeeding advocates come together each year with the aim to promote the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding, share the importance of providing proper support to breastfeeding mothers, and ultimately, create a breastfeeding nation. Central to the celebration is the Global Big Latch On, a global activity where mothers simultaneously breastfeed their children, in an effort to set a world record. Volunteers from all over the world, from within the community host each location. And is held annually during the breastfeeding week, from August 1-7,…


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