• Life with ZG

    Benefits Of Bonding Through Reading.

    Instead of toys, I really invest in books because I want to raise a reader. If you want to check out my big bad wolf haul, just go here http://lifewithzg.com/big-bad-wolf-2019-haul/ So today, let me share some benefits of bonding through reading. Benefits of Bonding through Reading: 1. You can develop emotional closeness by sharing your feelings. 2. You can impart important lessons in every story. 3. Reading is great opportunity to establish a strong and nurturing bond. 4. Reading is a way of creating beautiful moments together that they will remember forever. 5. Reading develops new interests. There are so many benefits of bonding through reading so if you and…

  • Slime

    Slime Recipe without Borax or Liquid Starch

    Zoe loves sensorial activities since she’s a baby, because several of her senses are stimulated at ones and it builds her creativity and imaginative skills. So for today we will share how to make a glittery slime. Glittery Slime Ingredients 5oz Bottle of Glitter Glue 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda 1-2 Tablespoons Contact Solution 1/2 Cup Water* I just used 1T water because Zoe wanted a thicker slime.* How to make the slime: 1. Add the bottle of glitter glue to a medium bowl. I used Elmer’s glue. 2. Add the water or omit this step for a thicker slime consistency. 3. Add the baking soda and mix well. 4. Finally,…

  • Life wtih zg

    Painting with a 3 years old.

    I’ve been on hiatus for the past couple of weeks. But today, here’s a new episode of Paint with Zoe. Painting makes Zoe so happy, she can paint for hours. And I’m so happy to see how her creativity flow. So if you have a 3 years old too, encourage them to do art. Don’t be afraid of the mess, it’s always a beautiful mess for us. Watch how Zoe Paints here: Tools that we used: Tempera Paints Watercolor Paper Paintbrushes Containers (Because Zoe love to mix colors) To be honest, I just let Zoe do her thing. Before she starts, I always ask her what she’ll paint. But it’s…


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