• Life with ZG

    Benefits Of Bonding Through Reading.

    Instead of toys, I really invest in books because I want to raise a reader. If you want to check out my big bad wolf haul, just go here http://lifewithzg.com/big-bad-wolf-2019-haul/ So today, let me share some benefits of bonding through reading. Benefits of Bonding through Reading: 1. You can develop emotional closeness by sharing your feelings. 2. You can impart important lessons in every story. 3. Reading is great opportunity to establish a strong and nurturing bond. 4. Reading is a way of creating beautiful moments together that they will remember forever. 5. Reading develops new interests. There are so many benefits of bonding through reading so if you and…

  • Easter

    Easter Carrot Footprint

    Easter is fast approaching so we will be sharing our Easter themed activities for the week. Today, it’s a simple keepsake. Every month, I always create an art out of Zoe’s hand and feet. It’s a great way to remind us of her development. Because it’s crazy how fast she outgrow her shoes. She’s size 10 at 3 years old. So we hope you’ll have fun too! What you’ll need: Bond paper Orange construction paper Green construction paper Orange paint Paintbrush Scissors Glue How to make it: 1. Prepare your paint. We’re using tempera paint. 2. Let your child paint their foot. One at a time. 3. Stamp it on…

  • Single mom

    3 Tips To Have A Stress Free Life As A Single Mom

    Being a single mom is one tough job. We’re always trying to juggle everything on our own. Thus, often time we’re having a hard time coping up with stress. I feel you, mommas. But today, let me share some tips that really helped me on this journey of solohood and hopefully will help you on your journey as well! Stop feeling guilty. As a single parent, let’s all admit that there’s always a feeling of guilt toward our children’s situation. When you’re a working mom and feeling guilty of spending less time with your child because you need to hustle every day. Or when you choose to be working at…

  • Thalera

    Thalera Unboxing

    Iโ€™m so excited to be part of Thalera Family. If youโ€™re wondering what is Thalera. It is the first-ever FREE online subscription for consumers in the Philippines! If you want to receive your own box, visit www.thalera.com My box is an exclusive box filled with special sample products. Just keep on reading to know whatโ€™s inside my box. Gluta-C products Your skin deserves better and itโ€™s time to let it glow. If youโ€™re aiming for a smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin. Be choosy and try out the following products from Gluta-C. Gluta-C Papaya Soap It Claims: Intense Whitening Glutathione and Vitamin C defend against photoaging and intensely lighten dark spots…


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