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Surviving Solohood Event

I never thought this day will come. I was never a speaker, I hate speaking in front of people, I was too shy. But last November 13, 2018 by the help of God’s Grace, I was able to speak in front of my fellow solo moms.

I just want to say thank you to all our sponsors, my core team, our media partners and to all participants.ย 

life with zg

How it all started?

It all started withย Solo Moms Phย when I realized it’s time to be the voice of solo moms. Because I have always felt EMPOWERED BY BEING A SOLO MOM.

I started blogging because I want to be heard. I know that there’s a stigma that once you’re tagged as “single mom” you’re less of a person. But no, life doesn’t end when you become a solo mom. There’s a lot of opportunities waiting for you and your child.ย 

To our guest speaker, Ms. Bettinna Carlos.

I always wanted an “Ate” and I’m so blessed I got to call you one.ย ๐Ÿ’›

My journey to solohood will never be this easy if it’s not for you. Knowing and seeing how God really works in your life and Gummy’s life always excites me in what’s in store for me and Zoe.

Thank you so much Ateย Bettinna Carlosย for saying yes! For being a blessing to all of us. Til our next one!ย 

life with zg

To all our generous sponsors.

life with zg

To our Monte Family,

life with zg

I can’t put into words how grateful I am, thank you for believing and supporting my advocacy. I’m so happy Zoe and I got to share our favorite snack to everyone who attended our event.

To everyone still wondering why we love Monte so much.ย Click here.

I was never a fan of passion fruit til I tried this Zott Oogoleย Low Fat yogurt! I wish I can find this in the supermarket near me. Zoe loved it too!ย 

Check them out here:



To My Johnson’s Baby PH family,ย 

life with zg

Thank you for being the first one who said yes to me. You will always have a special part in my blogging career. You are the first brand I worked with together with Mrs. Bianca Gonzales-Intal. And I am so thankful to be part of your family.

Sharing my Unfiltered Motherhood here.

life with zg

To my Earth Choice PH family,

Thank you so much for supporting. I am blessed to be able to work with you and your brand. To all the mommas, out there. Please do check them out!



Watch out for my detailed review of their products.ย 

life with zg

To Everyday Love+,

Thank you so much for saying yes just a few days before the event. Everyone loved your lippies! It’s the perfect shade of nudes and so wearable!

So to all the mommas, looking for kiss proof and affordable matte lipstick. Head over to their social media accounts.ย 



life with zg

To all our participants.

life with zg

We are so happy to have you in our family. We might be small in number, but what matter is the friendship. I hope to see you again at our next event.

To our Media Partners.

life with zg

Thank you so much! You guys are really a blessing!

If you guys need a photographer, videographer, makeup artist and event manager.ย They got you covered! Please do check them out!

JC & N Photographyย 

Bon Tigno Filmย 

Im so happy I got to meet and work with all of you. Keep the fire lovebirds! May forever pa!ย ๐Ÿ’›

My heart is so full!

Lastly, To the Man above. I won’t be here if not for you. Thank you for making me WHOLE again. Thank you for being our perfect partner. Thank you for using me as an instrument to my fellow solo moms. To God be all the Glory.ย 

If you’re a new solo mom or wondering how to get through this journey.ย Read this.

life with zg

Let’s spread the word and let our fellow solo moms know that there’s a support group for us solo moms.

You don’t need to get through this journey alone. If you need a friend, message me anytime. We are family here, no judgments.ย 

If you’re interested, you can join here.ย Solo Moms PH

Again, if you’re a solo mom or want to help a solo mom. Please don’t forget to like and share this post so we can reach them. Be sure to stay connected by following all my social media accounts.


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