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3 Reasons Why I Still Babywear My Toddler.

Just like breastfeeding, babywearing a toddler seems to be a big deal here in the Philippines. But as a Solo Mom doing everything on my own. I can really say Babywearing is a life saver!ย 

Most of the time people wonder, Zoe can already walk yetย I still chose to babywear her.ย 

Just like extended breastfeeding, wearing my childย beyond babyhood offers a lot of benefits.


life with zg

3 Reasons Why I Still Babywear My Toddler.

1. To get me through the day.

I only have 2 hands and I surely need an extra handย forย me to survive the day. Thanks to babywearing, my life has become so much easier.ย 

Most of the time, it’s only the two of us. So whenever I need to run some errands, she always goes with me. There are times, we need to commute and it’s really less hassle wearing her while having some free hands to attend to other needs.ย 

2. To keep her safe.

Sad truth nowadays, we don’t live in a safe place anymore. That’s why I am much confident to babywear Zoe when we are outside to keep her safe and close with me. Especially she’s 3 years old already, she got a lot of energy and runs everywhere and I don’t want to have a trouble keeping track of her.ย 

3. To maintain our strong bonding.

Babywearing and breastfeeding go hand in hand. And I love that we practice both! She can breastfeed anytime and after feeding, she immediately falls asleep and takes a nap on the go comfortably. There’s a magic in babywearing that soothes the child.ย 

I also love how I can get all the snuggles. We both enjoy being so close together though babywearing. Sadly, they grow up too fast and will only be little and cuddle for a short time. So take this opportunity to wear your baby while you still can.ย 


life with zg

Want to start your babywearing journey? Go check outย ย Shadrach’s Collection. They just launched their newest collection called “Maharlika” it’s really so beautiful!ย 

Honestly, it’s one of my Christmas wishes. Calling, Santa. Haha kidding aside, when you’re a solo mom you need to budget and plan everything. So hopefully, when I got some extra, I’ll get myself the Bloom of Ruth blush pink woven wrap from Maharlika Collection.ย 

Check them out onย Instagram too!ย 

life with zg

Are you a babywearing momma too? What’s your favorite babywearing moment?ย ย 

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It’s a one hour sale from 11:11 pm – 12:12 AM! So don’t forget to set your alarm and head over to their facebook page!

life with zg

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