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A tangible memory from Sacred Elements

A Wearable Memories.

life with zg

I always wanted to have my own piece of jewelry that will remind me of our breastfeeding journey. It’s been 3 and a half years and we’re still exclusively breastfeeding with no signs of weaning yet.ย 


Where Did I Got My Keepsake?

life with zg

A few months back, I finally decided to get a keepsake. I know there’s a lot of shop offering a keepsake now but I want to get it from the best with high quality, handmade artisan keepsake jewelry piece

I got mine from Sacred Elementsย DNA Jewellery. Irina Otmakhova is the woman behind it and she’s a doula too. You can find more about her here.ย 

Check them out here: Facebookย Instagram

The story behind my keepsake.

I am blessed with so much breastmilk that I was able to build a stash. But Zoe doesn’t want to take expressed milk and only prefer direct latch. So I just donated all my milk stash and stopped pumping when Zoe turned 1 year old.

2 years after, when I finally decided to get a keepsake, I don’t have a stash anymore. For 2 weeks I took supplements just so I can produce 1-2ml of milk. Tried hand expressing as well but still, it wasn’tย enough to make a keepsake.

life with zg

For once I experienced how frustrating it is not to be able to pump a milk. I felt what pumping moms are struggling with everyday.

I badly want to have a keepsake with my breastmilk to remind me of our journey and so I can pass it to Zoe when she grows up. But even my keepsake don’t contain my breastmilk, I will always remember the only moment I struggled in our breastfeeding journey. That no matter how much I wanted to produce enough, no matter how many supplements I took, no matter how many times I tried to hand-express, still it’s not enough. But behind that frustrating moment, I am still thankful because til now I have a milk to nourish my 3 and half years old till the day she decided to self-wean.ย 

My keepsake

life with zg

My keepsake contains Zoe’s umbilical cord, aย hair curl, and nail clippings. When I received the parcel, I’m too excited to open it. It comes in a box with a care card and a perfect gift idea on any occasion.ย 

life with zg

My piece is called “Soul Crystal” with gold filled wire nest with pearl white shine accent. It is such a beauty. I was so emotional because I finally have a piece of Zoe that I can wear and even pass to her when she grows up. I just can’t put into words how I am so happy and proud with my keepsake.

life with zg

Thank you so much, Irina, for a beautiful piece that I’ll treasure forever. Truly a great way to preserve the tangible memory from one’s life journey.ย 

To all the mommas, I suggest you get one for yourself. It’s really worth its price and they have so many designs you can choose from.

And oh hurry they have an ongoing Christmas sale til the 15th of December. Click here for the full details.

life with zg

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