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Raising an unplugged kid in this tech-savvy generation.

Not too long ago, children used to play outside all day, playing sports, riding bikes and engaging in creative play that didnโ€™t require expensive gadgets or parental supervision. But unfortunately, today, this is far from the case. Today, itโ€™s not uncommon to see toddlers and preschoolers carrying around an iPad or any gadgets.ย 

So choosing to raise an unplugged kid in this tech savvy generation is not really that easy but it’s so worth it.

Screens put everything on the table so that there is nothing to uncover.ย But when we get out of our childrenโ€™s way and let them be bored they come up with all sorts of exciting things to do and learn.


I am a stay at home solo mom and put my career on hold to become a full time mom to Zoe. She’s only a baby once and I want to watch her grow and build a great foundation during her first four years of life.ย 

10 Benefits of Raising An Unplugged Kid.


  1. She’s more grateful. She appreciate what she have. She can play with anything and everything even the simple things can make her happy by just using her imagination and creativity.Get your no cook playdough recipe here.Life with a toddler
  2. Zoe gets along so much better.ย 
  3. She spends her day reading, creating art, running around outside, dressing up, playing play pretend independently and with me.life with a toddler
  4. She a lot happier than most of the child I know. She’s not moody, cranky or irritable except when it’s past her bedtime already.

  5. She’s connecting with nature, seasons and real people.
  6. We are creating more precious time together that we can talk about when she gets older.mom and daughter

  7. When she turned 3 I already let her have some screen time. But she only wants National Geographic Channel because she loves animal so much. And since she knows her limitation there’s no whining, bargaining or constant negotiating when her time ends.

  8. ย She’s allowed to be kid! She can make a mess but she make sure to clean after, more energy to be expelled when she’s playing outside and she’s not chained to a screen.ย Get your Cloud Dough Recipe Here.cloud dough recipe

  9. She sleeps for 12-14 hours. Many kids and adults are sleep-deprived from too much late night internet, and itโ€™s negatively impacting our health. She’s asleep by 6pm everyday.
  10. She’s responsible and independent at an early age. She knows her chores and willing do it everyday.ย Read Our Day In The Life here.

There is nothing more magical than an unplugged childhood.

Our child deserves to experience the REAL WORLD around them and PROBLEM SOLVING REAL LIFE CHALLENGES.ย 


Are you raising an unplugged kid too? What are your favorite activities to do together? Drop your answer in the comment box.

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