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Painting with a 3 years old.

I’ve been on hiatus for the past couple of weeks. But today, here’s a new episode of Paint with Zoe.

Painting makes Zoe so happy, she can paint for hours. And I’m so happy to see how her creativity flow. So if you have a 3 years old too, encourage them to do art. Don’t be afraid of the mess, it’s always a beautiful mess for us.

Watch how Zoe Paints here:

Tools that we used:

Tempera Paints

Watercolor Paper


Containers (Because Zoe love to mix colors)

To be honest, I just let Zoe do her thing. Before she starts, I always ask her what she’ll paint. But it’s always random and there’s always so many stories behind one artwork.

The stories behind her paintings:

Life with zg

This is a sunset/sunrise painting according to my little artist. Zoe really loves both the sunset and sunrise and always take photos of it. Today, I am amazed on how she created this beautiful artwork. The color palette, the mountains and the sun.

Life with zg

Since she missed painting, she decided to make another one. With the sunset background still, she added some flowers this time. She told me “oh this is the petals and the stem. just like the flowers on my kitchen”. She added some clouds too.

Life with zg

Lastly, this one is kinda tricky. I wasn’t able to take photos of the process but this one is supposed to be a 2 dog but turned out a dog with a backpack. Then after a while she told me, maybe its a horse as well. Haha What do you think? Is it a horse or a dog? Let me know in the comment!

Life with zg

Seeing how proud she is while doing her paintings and when sharing the stories behind her artwork is so precious for me. Zoe always amazed me with her skills. So as her mom, I am always here to support and nourish her skills. So to all my fellow moms, just let your kids. Let them make a mess than being glued to gadgets.


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