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    3 Benefits of 360do Toothbrush

    As a mom, Zoe’s oral health is very important to me. I always make sure she loves brushing her teeth and we’re thankful to 360do.PH for sending these toothbrushes for us to try. So I made a review and demo of this toothbrush just for you. If you want some tips and tricks on how to brush your toddler’s teeth then please do watch the view below.  Watch our video! What are the benefits? 1. Because of its round shape, it made easy for brushing and thorough cleaning!2. Reach more plaque in every brush!3. It’s 20X more effective in terms of cleaning compared to what normal toothbrush does!I swear you guys…

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    Free 6×6 Simplebook From Photobook.

    Last time I blogged about Photobook’s Pros and Cons. Click here. So for today, I partnered with Photobook to give all my followers a gift! You can get a FREE 6×6 SIMPLEBOOK from me and Zoe. What I Got? Upper photo is the Canvas Air and the lower photo is the 6×6 Simple book. Thank you so much Photobook for these early present for Zoe and Me. I got 8×8 Canvas Air and 6×6 Simplebook. I’m so in love, especially with Canvas Air! I want more! Zoe is always so happy to see her photos in a form of a book! So if you want to have your own simple book just follow all…

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    Surviving Solohood Event

    I never thought this day will come. I was never a speaker, I hate speaking in front of people, I was too shy. But last November 13, 2018 by the help of God’s Grace, I was able to speak in front of my fellow solo moms. I just want to say thank you to all our sponsors, my core team, our media partners and to all participants.  How it all started? It all started with Solo Moms Ph when I realized it’s time to be the voice of solo moms. Because I have always felt EMPOWERED BY BEING A SOLO MOM. I started blogging because I want to be heard. I know…


    How To Be Whole Again As A Solo Mom.

      Wholeness In One As you all know I am a single mom since pregnancy and my daughter is now 3 yrs old. Know my story here. And I have often been asked how can I remain so happy and energetic while juggling being a solo mom, work, and all of the responsibilities of a household? Honestly, the truth is that I have always felt empowered by being a single mother.  So for today, let me share to you 3 factors you need in your life to be whole again. 1. Acceptance For you to keep you going, you need to accept that this is the new chapter of your life, that no…

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    How to curl using a water bottle and a hair dryer.

    I tried the viral video using a water bottle and a hair dryer. Does it work? Watch my video and find out if it’s a yay or a nay! Enjoy watching! Please don’t forget to watch in HD and subscribe on my channel! If you like this post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! Love, Momma Gen. 

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    3 Reasons Why I Still Babywear My Toddler.

    Just like breastfeeding, babywearing a toddler seems to be a big deal here in the Philippines. But as a Solo Mom doing everything on my own. I can really say Babywearing is a life saver!  Most of the time people wonder, Zoe can already walk yet I still chose to babywear her.  Just like extended breastfeeding, wearing my child beyond babyhood offers a lot of benefits. 3 Reasons Why I Still Babywear My Toddler. 1. To get me through the day. I only have 2 hands and I surely need an extra hand for me to survive the day. Thanks to babywearing, my life has become so much easier.  Most of the time, it’s…

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    Unilever and Shopee 11.11 Deals

    Do you want to know what’s in store for you this coming 11.11 from Unilever and Shopee? Set your alarm for the biggest sale this holiday season! Unilever in a special e-commerce partnership with Shopee celebrates “All About Giving” campaign for the holiday season. It will kick off Tomorrow, November 11, 2018, at 11:00 AM and will feature exclusive Unilever deals which are only available on Shopee.   Already excited? Click this link to shop. Here are some of the deals waiting for you! Prices will still drop as the 11.11 kick off! So start adding items in your cart as early as now! Too many amazing deals waiting for you! Don’t miss…

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    All Purpose Healing Salve and Skin Candies

    I’m so grateful for this All-Purpose Healing Salve! Read on and discover just how versatile this salve can be! Uses of Healing Salve It’s amazing for insect bites! It can be an all-around moisturizer. You can use it for the body and even on the face. It soothes and heals chapped lips!  It’s amazing to soothe burns and sunburn!  Because of its Antiseptic properties, it is great for cuts and scrapes! I’m so happy I found this mainly because Zoe is allergic to insect bites. It really amazed me because when Zoe had a mosquito bite, I applied this healing salve immediately and voila! There’s no swelling. I have it with…

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    JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar Feature

    Upon searching for restaurants around Alabang, I stumbled upon Jaeu Bistro and Ramen Bar. I find it interesting because of the hashtags #teamramen or #teamsteak. That’s 2 of my favorite in one. So when Ms. Ina invited us we’re so excited and they even prepared a set of menu for us. But before getting into my review, I had the chance to ask Ms.Ina Tuason some questions. 1. How did you started? How and why did you decied to Jaeu? It’s my mom Dra. Josephine Tuason  and Dra. Jo Lu’s project with their friend, Chef Jojie. They both love food, and as a chef who trained in Europe and Japan,…

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    Tips and Tricks In Using Shampoo Bars

    Last time I talked about the reasons why switch to shampoo bars. Click here. Today, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for you!  Create The Lather in Your Hands. Use your fingers like a comb and smooth the lather along your hair.  Don’t let your shampoo bar sit in a puddle of water. You must store it on a well-drained soap dish or a container. Allow soap plenty of fresh air to dry between uses. I don’t store mine inside my bathroom as I noticed it’s melting even if it is well-drained when inside the bathroom due to moisture. If your bar ever gets waterlogged and becomes gooey, simply set it…


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