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New Finds From Watsons

Do you love going to Watsons from time to time just to check what’s new? Can you go outside the store without buying anything? Haha struggle is real right? 

Last month, I received a paper bag from Watsons. It’s a wellness kit and encourages everyone to be healthy inside in out with the wide range of products they have for us. 

What's in my wellness kit?



Things can get really busy and for me to keep up. I need a helping hand. Good thing I have these food supplements from Watsons. 

Do you know why I love drinking this Organique Acai Juice supplement?

It’s because Acai Berries are loaded with antioxidants. It also promotes weight loss. And it could boost brain function. Especially for moms like me who suffer from momnesia at times. Haha. 




Watsons Vitamins Gummies

Zoe just turned 4 this month and still exclusively breastfed. Since we’re still exclusively breastfeeding, I don’t give her any vitamins in the form of syrup. Except for this gummy from @watsonsph.

What I love about this is the Lactoferrin. it is one of the major proteins found in milk. It helps to protect kids against bacterial infections and boost the body’s immune system. ♥

So to all the mommas out there, especially if you’re looking for added protection for your kids. Check out this Watsons Vitamins Gummies with Lactoferrin. See they have everything for the family. 

My go to store

Why do I love shopping in watsons? It’s because they offer wide range of products and always have a promo. Watsons have everything I need that’s why it’s my go to store. Saves me time from shopping and also so many great finds always.

Do you have health must haves from Watsons? Share your finds too! We’s love to check that out too!


Self care is so important for me especially because my daughter depends on me since I am a solo mom. That motivates me to be healthy. So aside from eating healthy. I love having all these supplements from Watsons. Watch out for more wellness and health related content soon! 

This year my ultimate goal is to be healthy and fit. I know as a mom it’s really tough but I got you. Let’s be healthy inside and out together! 

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