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Looking For The Perfect On The Go Snacks For Your Kids?

Our favorite on the go snack.

Zoe loves to have two-three snacks a day. Usually we bake her snacks but when we don’t have time to bake, I’m thankful for snacks readily available in the grocery.

I am not that strict when it comes to sugar intake when Zoe turned 3 years old. But I make sugar her sugar intake for the day will not exceed 100 grams.ย 

Always Check The Ingredients.

I always look at the ingredients list first, to make sure that it contains real, wholesome food ingredients, and that there arenโ€™t artificial colours, flavours, or many additives or preservatives.ย 

Get to know Monte.

monte snack

It is a creamy milk crรฉme snack. A healthy sensation like melting ice cream.ย 

  1. Monte is made in Germany. It is a combination of fresh milk, nutritious chocolate and a great portion of hazelnuts to a unique milk dessert. Monte consists of two different layers: brown chocolate hazelnut cream with milk-cream on top. It is all Natural and doesn’t undergo in pasteurization.
  2. Currently, Monte is starting to ensure that they have place in the market with an advantage to the competitors. It’s already available in the Rustans, SM, Robinsons, 7-Eleven, All DAy and other leading stores in Metro Manila.
  3. Target markets of Monte are parents with young kids, specifically from 3 to 14 years old, Class A and B.
  4. Monte products have been certified to be manufactured according to halal requirements.
  5. Chill your Monte products as soon as possible after purchase.
monte snacks

Zoe is one happy kid upon receiving a box full of Monte Products. This is a post in partnership with Monte and all opinions are mine.

Monte is one of Zoe’s go to snack and whenever we go to S&R we usually hoard because it’s not yet available in the grocery near us. Zoe loves both the chocolate and vanilla flavor.


Monte Top Cup

life with zg

We didn’t know they have this Top Cup because we usually buy the Monte Chocolate by 4s.

Zoe is really happy because it has extra treats. The top has mini colorful chocolate drops and it’s also the perfect portion at home as it only contains 70g.ย 

And wait, Zoe loves to sorts the color before eating them. How fun it is to learn while snacking?

mom and daughter

Monte chocolate is one of my favorite too. Why? Because it reminds me of my favorite classic mocha ice cream back when I was a kid. So every time I eat this it brings back my childhood. And there’s no better way to enjoy a top cup than sharing it with my little bestie.ย 

Monte Snackย 

life with zg

It’s our first time to try out this Monte snack because we haven’t seen it in the grocery.

It is a combination of fresh milk and delicious chocolate and hazelnut cream between two slices of cake.


life with zg


The filling taste like Monte Vanilla. Zoe likes it because it’s not too sweet. The size is also perfect for kids but Zoe only eats half of the cake per snack.ย She then told me “Mom, It’s like I’m eating an ice cream sandwich.” True enough, it’s two of our favorites in one snack! I just hope it’s available in the grocery near us.ย 

Monte Cheese Snack

life with zg

Monte Cheese Snack is one of their newest product. Each contains 50g of product. And comes in two flavors: 2x Strawberry and 2x Banana.


Zoe loves the strawberry. She eats 2 servings in one sitting because one is never enough. But she doesn’t like the banana that much. I guess because the smell is kinda overpowering for a 3-year-old. I tried to freeze it and she liked it better but not as much as the strawberry flavor. She had fun with the Tattoo Gratis too.

life with zg

Why choose Monte?

  • It is a healthy and tasty Snack.
  • It is natural! No preservatives, no artificial colouring and no gelatine.
  • It is made from fresh milk not powdered milk.
  • It has superior quality as it is made in Germany.
  • Small portions are perfect to use as a little treat or reward for kids.
  • Can be enjoy at home and at school as little snack.
  • It’s great for sharing with friends and family.
  • It is high in Nutrients.
  • Protein: supports kids’ growth, good for muscles and tissue.
  • Calcium: important for strong bones and teeth.
  • Natural Milk Fat: it provides energy that lasts longer than regular sweets.
life with zg

Have you tried any Monte products yet?

Monte is really one of our favorite on the go snack. It’s not too sweet especially for kids and it’s affordable too. They also have a wide variety of products.ย 

The only downside is, it’s not always available in some supermarkets especially in the province. So if you happened to see some Monte products on the shelf while doing your grocery. Please get some and I swear it’s one of the best snacks for you and your kid!ย 

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All Monte products are available here:


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Love,Momma ZG ๐Ÿ’›

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