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Tips On How To Get Your Child Sleep Early.

I am so thankful Zoe is such an easy kid. I know most parents are struggling with putting their child early to sleep. For some moms, bedtime is a recurring nightmare. So for today, let me share to you how did I manage to put Zoe to sleep early. 


Establishing a good bedtime routine is so important. Because when your child knows her/his routine already, your child will automatically prepare her/his self when it’s time to go to bed. 

What I did to Zoe was since her newborn days, I already established her sleeping routine. Luckily, til today at almost 3 and a half years old her bedtime is around 6 pm. Latest is 7 pm and wakes up at 7am-8am daily.

CONSISTENCY is the key. Just be patient and your child will get used to it. 

Our Bedtime Routine


Around 5:00 pm we eat our dinner already. There are times she’ll eat around 4:30 pm because she’s too sleepy already.

FUN FACT: Zoe only throws tantrums when it’s past her bedtime. Sleep is life for my sleepyhead! haha


It’s time for her to freshen up before going to sleep. Which includes, bath time, brushing her teeth and changing clothes.


She’ll pick up a book or two for us to read before bedtime. Usually, by this time, she’s too sleepy already, Sometimes she fell asleep on me while reading a book.


After the bedtime stories, it’s time to say our gratitude for the day. It’s always nice to teach our kids how to be grateful and how to pray even at a young age.


Since we are still exclusively breastfeeding, she’s still unli latch. She sleeps all throughout the night and wakes up the next day at around 7-8am.

To help you, I found a brand that can help you while establishing your child’s routine. 



life with zg


life with zg

This is a soothing massage balm made from 100% natural oils including lavender and chamomile that would help your little one prepare to sleep.

Based on our experienced, Zoe loved it. She didn’t have rashes while using it. It smells lavender and because Zoe is used to essential oils, the smell for her is not overpowering.

After wash up time, she’ll get her balm. I apply it on her chest and at the back. Sometimes, during cold night Zoe will ask me to put the balm on her toes as well.


life with zg
  1. It is Dermatologically tested and proven gentle on the skin.
  2. Suitable from 3 months and up.
  3. No mineral oils.
  4. No synthetic fragrances.
  5. No parabens.
  6. No phtalates.
  7. No sulphates.
  8. Not tested on animals.

Directions for use:

Apply on your palms before gently massaging your little one.


Sunflower oils, Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, caprylic/capric trigylceride, lavende oil, chamomile oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E.


life with zg

This is a gentle and calming room mist to help prepare your little one for sleep. Delicately infused with lavender and chamomile, this calming blend lets baby know it’s time to rest.

Based on our experienced, I usually spray this mist on Zoe’s pillows and her teddy bear. It smells good and really set the mood. I spray the mist before our reading time so when it’s sleeping time the pillows are not that wet anymore. It really helps soothe your child.


life with zg
  1. Suitable for all ages.
  2. No mineral oils.
  3. No synthetic fragrances.
  4. No parabens.
  5. No phtalates.
  6. No sulphates.
  7. Not tested on animals.
  8. Vegan-friendly.

Directions for use:

Spray a fine mist into air or on linen/pillow before nap or bedtime. Allow product to settle before placing your little one to sleep.


life with zg

Where to find Euky Bear?

Euky Bear products are available in Lazada PH.


You can also find them in Mothercare and Rustan’s Branches. 

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life with zg


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