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The Best Synbiotic In A Bottle.

How to feel well? Give your body the care it needs!

When I saw this Synbiotic Drink on Instagram, I got really curious. Especially it contains Yacon fruit.

What is Yacon?

If you’re wondering too, Yacon is a peruvian ground apple. It looks like a potato or kamote. But it taste a juicy apple or pear. Just peel and eat it raw. It is great for your skin, helps in weight loss and high in fiber.

Synbiotic Drink with Mango & Yacon


The best Synbiotic drink in a bottle. It is packed with live probiotics and prebiotics!

What is Prebiotics?

Prebiotics is another name for fibre and in particular, fibre that feeds probiotic (good) bacteria.

To simply it. prebiotics help increase and restore good gut bacteria faster, which is ideally what you want for fat loss & overall health.

What is Probiotics?

It is a term derived from Greek meaning “for life” and is used to refer to foods or dietary supplements containing live bacteria that are beneficial to the body.

Some benefits of probiotics includes weight loss, improved digestion, enhanced immune function, better skin and a reduced risk of many diseases.

What is Synbiotic?

It is a combinations of probiotics and prebiotics. Because of the synergy that occurs as the prebiotics feed the probiotics and cause them to multiply to higher levels in the gastrointestinal tract.

Synbiotic Yogurt Drink

life with zg

This super drink in a bottle contains, natural whey, real mangoes, superfruit yacon and real yogurt made with local grass fed buffalo’s milk!

The best part is, it has no sugar, no artificial flavor, no preservatives, no jelly, no extenders and it is freshly made!


I am a yogurt lover and I must say this is my new favorite drink! I consumed 3 bottles in 1 day because 1 is not enough. The flavor of mangoes compliments with yacon. It’s so refreshing and I just love how balance the taste is. My 3 year old daughter, loves this drink too! So yes, another mommy and baby approved! 


It’s 150 pesos for a 240 ml bottle. I just love how sulit it is and  I can reuse the bottles after! 

Synbiotic Greek Yogurt with Mango & Yacon

life with zg

This greek yogurt is produced from Casein A2 Buffalo milk which is closet to mother’s milk. Containing healthy fat that is good for the heart and reduces bad cholesterol. Casein protein is the slow acting protein responsible for muscle endurance. 

It contains Yacon root too. The active ingredients are fructans, primparily fructooligosaccharides.

The whole mango fruit is another prebiotic that is high in potassium which helps prevent cramps, lowers high blood pressure and is great for the skin. 


life with zg


Zoe and I loves greek yogurt so much! This taste like the yogurt drink with mango and yacon. You can it eat as is or pair it with your favorite fruits. Zoe almost ate half of the bottle the first time she tried this yogurt! It’s so yummy and full of nutrients! 


It’s 250 pesos for 350ml.


life with ZG

Synbiotic Greek Yogurt with Yacon

life with zg

Zoe loves this greek yogurt without the mango more. Maybe because it tastes like the usual plain yogurt and she prefers plain yogurt. It is best for salads, as a dip and we even tried it with overnight oats and the taste is heaven! 


It’s 250 pesos for 350ml.

life with zg

Feel well with these naturally grown whole foods!

Go check and order now here! You may call them at 09173143167 to make a reservation.

Oh the only downside is, it’s only  available for people in metro manila. But for us southies, it’s available in real food ph in Molito, Alabang. 

So if you’re planning your weight loss journey, a yogurt lover or just looking for extra boost every morning please check feelwellph and kajuayan now!

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