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JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar Feature

Upon searching for restaurants around Alabang, I stumbled upon Jaeu Bistro and Ramen Bar. I find it interesting because of the hashtags #teamramen or #teamsteak. That’s 2 of my favorite in one. So when Ms. Ina invited us we’re so excited and they even prepared a set of menu for us.

But before getting into my review, I had the chance to ask Ms.Ina Tuason some questions.

1. How did you started? How and why did you decied to Jaeu?

It’s my mom Dra. Josephine Tuason  and Dra. Jo Lu’s project with their friend, Chef Jojie. They both love food, and as a chef who trained in Europe and Japan, Chef Jojie’s recipes are really good and one of a kind.

2. Why is it called Jaeu?

JA-panese, EU-ropean 🙂 Mix of both

3. What are some of the challenges of being a restaurant owner?

Budgeting everything and figuring out what should the priority be.

4. What tips can you give to help those who aspire to enter and succeed in this kind of business?

Do it because it is your passion, not because you want to make more money.

5. What are your future plans for Jaeu?

Hopefully we will expand to more branches in Makati and/or BGC!

So by now, you have a little background already about JAEU BISTRO AND RAMEN BAR founded by DRA. JOSEPHINE TUASON and DRA. JO LU. 💛 Read on to know our experience in dining in Jaeu.

The Place

The place is so instagrammable. One part of the restaurant’s interior is all white with a modern vibe that signifies Japan and the other part is with a pop of color and couches that signifies Europe. I just love the overall ambiance inside.

The Food

How I wish we started with the appetizer but our server served us the Ramen first. I got the Chicken Curry Ramen because i love my Ramen spicy. I love the balance and authentic taste of this ramen. And oh, it has a big serving and a karaage toppings on it.

My brother had the Iekei Ramen he’s not into Ramen but he loved it. You can really taste the distinctive richness of pork. He shared his Ramen with my daughter who loves Ramen too. And both of them enjoyed it.

We loved the ramen because of the rich in flavor and the delicious taste of it.

Spaghetti and Karaage Kid Set

My daughter loved the spaghetti, it’s cheesy and sweet. A perfect combination to their famous karaage. The serving is also big. After stuffing her tummy with scrumptious food she feel asleep on me. Thankfully the couch we’re sitted is big enough! Haha


One of their best seller. It’s so crispy yet juicy inside. The way it is cook is so perfect. No wonder why it’s their best seller. You can have it with the dip or as is. Still it’s one of our favorite. We’ll surely keep on coming back for it especially my daughter.


My brother loved the gyoza so much, it so tasty. Perfect appetizer to get you in the mood while waiting for your food. In our case we had the gyoza after the ramen so I just had 1 because I’m still full from the Ramen.


Oh we love the steak! Literally melts in your mouth and the sauce is so delicious! All their steaks are Certified USDA Tenderloin. The sauce kinda reminds me of my favorite mango and yacon yogurt. We loved the fries too because it’s not the usual oily fries. Sadly my daughter wasnt able to taste the fries because she’s asleep.

We had to pause for a couple of minutes because literally we’re so full. I wish we had the appetizer first because at the time we finished our ramen, we’re already full yet we still have lots of food waiting for us.

Crema Catalana

It looks like creme brûlée. It’s so creamy yet not that sweet even it has a caramelized syrup on top. Kinda reminds me of leche flan too. They even served us a coffee and I must say it’s a good combination too.



Over all, we enjoyed everything. From the ambiance, to the food to all the kind staff. I really recommend JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar. If you’ll ask me if I’m #teamramen or #teamsteak sadly, I can’t pick just one because I love both of them. The food are really worth it for it’s price. You surely won’t regret dining here. So if you’re from the south, do follow and check them out!



Thank you so much Ms.Ina, I hope to meet you next time. We’ll surely comeback! 💛 Check out my Instagram for more photos.

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