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International Babywearing Week 2018

I’m so honored to become a part of IBW 2018 with Tagaytay Moms. Especially because it’s for a cause.

“Babywearing has” A Photo Exhibit: A Reality Exhibit of Empowered Moms thriving daily while carrying their babies close and A Benefit Babywearing Fashion Show and Raffle for Moana and Nathan.

Raffle for a cause is still ongoing.  Click here.

The Beneficiaries

life with zg

Who is Moana? 

Kathaliah Oceana, dearly known as Baby Moana is the fifth daughter of Michael and Kathleen Delator. She was born with multiple congenital anomalies including malformation in her heart, kidneys, Persistent cloaca and an Imperforate anus. Her case is 1 out of 25,000 live births. 

life with zg

Who is Nathan?

Nathaniel is the second son of Sam and Rica Ambat. He is a peaceful baby with a charming smile. Before he turned a year old, his parents noticed that he was not responding to his name. After a few tests, it was confirmed he has profound hearing loss.

life with zg

Together with Tagaytay Moms we are supporting them raise awareness and acceptance for their condition and funds for their upcoming surgeries & medical expenses.

The online paid Raffle-For-A-Cause for Moana & Nathan will run all throughout the month of October. So join now. We also have a gofundme for them just search it using the hashtags #mightymoana and #letnathanhearourroar

Link to the raffle for a cause.


Are you a babywearing momma too? What’s your favorite babywearing moment?

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