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How to practice your child’s scissors skills.

Zoe is now 3 years old and doing a great job in using her scissors. When I started to introduce her the scissors.


I have a 3 major rules for her.ย 

  1. Scissors are a tool and not a toy.
  2. Never walk around with scissors.
  3. Don’t cut your hair or your clothes.

By now she already knows what she can and can’t cut. She don’t like to use non blade scissors for paper so I taught her the proper way of using the scissors.ย 

Check this link to know what are the benefits of scissors skillsย here


Monster cutting activity

For today, Zoe asked me if I can draw some monsters.ย 

What you’ll be needing:


Colored pens


What to do:

Just draw some monster faces and lines that will serve as a guide for your child.


Zoe can cut within the lines and can cut shapes as well. But somehow struggling with curve lines when the paperย  is too thin.ย 

busy doing her activity

I just love how she concentrate while she’s doing her work. She can do this for an hour without getting bored.

Watch this!

This is such an easy activity that encourage your child to practice their scissors skills.ย Here is another simple activity that you can try.ย 

finish product

Tadaaaaah! She had fun cutting the monsters and we had a quick story telling after.ย 

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