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Happy 3rd Birthday My Princess ๐ŸŽ‚

Today you are three. This year, we don’t have a fancy birthday party for you unlike your first birthday. But as soon as you wake up I want you to be happy and feel extra special today. So last night, I set up your kitchen area for my little surprise. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to your favorites right?

Indeed, as you opened your eyes. You giggles and uttered “Wow, mom it’s so nice.” “Thank you. I love you” And my heart just melted. I am so happy to see you so happy. Simple things like the balloons, flowers, gifts and cakes are your favorites that really makes you happy.
Happiest birthday to my sweet, funny, smart, talented, beautiful and kind little one.

Today, 6th of June I gave birth to you. Three years have passed by so quickly and Iโ€™m absolutely sure theyโ€™ve been the best three years of my life. Three years of morning snuggles. Three years of staying home with you so I can be a hands on mom. Three years of exclusively breastfeeding. Three years of lots of books and kisses goodnight. Three years of co sleeping with you. Three beautiful years with you.

You color within the lines. You paint like picasso. You sing in tune and dance in the rhythm. You know almost all the animals. You know and can name different flags. You can complete a 24 piece puzzle. You know your phonics. You love to bake and cook with me. You can dress up on your own. You love camera so much. You’re so independent and always help me with the chores. You grew in leaps and bounds in so many areas – your vocabulary, your tactile skills,your logical thinking and ofcourse your personality. Sometimes it is hard to remember you are just 2.

But this year I’m excited and looking forward to everything youโ€™ll learn and experience. This universe belongs to you and you shall have it.

Youโ€™re my dream come true and a blessing from above. You can be anything you want to be. You are amazing in so many ways. You have a laugh that is contagious. You have the most beautiful eyes ever. You have an amazing personality that is so perfectly you. So continue to be YOU.

No matter how old you are, you will always be my sweet baby girl. No matter what you do, I will always love you. I am so proud to be your MOM. And I couldnโ€™t ask for more in a daughter. Always know that you are loved! Even if it’s just you and me. Thank you for teaching me a lot about myself. Thank you for always telling me I am enough. Mommy will always be your bestfriend. You will always have me and I will love you for the rest of my life.

Happiest birthday again my princess. Oh I wanted to make a naked cake for you but you want to help and bake your birthday cake so we ended up putting all the frosting but we totally had fun. I guess we’ll bake your cake together every year. To more candles you’ll blow and cakes we’ll bake. Mommy love you always, in all ways.

Mommy ZG โค

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