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Hakab Na 2018 Tagaytay Chapter

Hakab means “latch” in Filipino and the phrase ” Hakab na” is an invitation for mothers to latch their baby onto their breast. Families and breastfeeding advocates come together each year with the aim to promote the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding, share the importance of providing proper support to breastfeeding mothers, and ultimately, create a breastfeeding nation.
Central to the celebration is the Global Big Latch On, a global activity where mothers simultaneously breastfeed their children, in an effort to set a world record. Volunteers from all over the world, from within the community host each location. And is held annually during the breastfeeding week, from August 1-7, which aims to promote, protect and support breastfeeding.
The Event

It is a day full of talks, prizes and a lot of fun. I am invited as a media partner of the event and it’s my pleasure to work with moms sharing the same advocacy as mine.
We arrived before 9am but the guards won’t let us in. Good thing I saw one of the organizer. The event started with a Zumba to kickstart the energy of the moms. Proper program started a bit late than schedule so it ended late as well. But nonetheless, all the talks are so informative that most moms waited til the last talk.

I can’t believe we survived 3.2 years of breastfeeding and still counting! So proud of our journey!

My Breastfeeding Story
Pregancy, motherhood and breastfeeding have shown me what my body is capable of. That I can CREATE life, I can SUSTAIN life and I can NOURISH life.
3.2 years of exclusively breastfeeding Zoe and still not showing any signs of weaning. Which Im thankful for because I don’t want this journey to end yet!
Read more about our breastfeeding journey here

77 breastfeeding moms joined the Hakab Na, Sabay sabay magpasuso para sa malusog na mundo! 4 tandem feeding moms and I am part of the 10 extended breastfeeding moms. So proud of all the brave mommas who chose to breastfeed their little ones! It’s not always easy but with a support system and enough knowledge, we can breastfeed as long as we have milk!


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I saw how attendees are so eager to learn from all the speakers. They actively participate, listen and some take notes as well. From the importance of vaccination, the benefit of breastfeeding, taking care of our child’s teeth, knowing and understanding our child’s developmental milestones, benefits of babywearing, wonders of essential oils and basic financial literacy. The speakers shared informative talks and their personal breastfeeding journey. How inspiring it is to know their journey and how they really pushed breastfeeding despite some stuggles or difficulties.
The Sponsors

Watch my what’s in our Hakab Na 2018 Loot bag! We are so thankful to our wonderul major and minor sponsors. The loot bag is full of surprises and everyone came home with a gift! So thank you to all generous brands who made all the mommas happy.
Games and Raffles
There’s a lot of games and raffles all throughout the event. And I am so blessed because I won 2 raffle prizes and 1 major prize which is a sack of rice. I was so surprised as it’s also my first time to won a raffle! Haha I guess yellow is the lucky color of the day.

And because sharing is caring, I will be hosting a giveaway! So stay tuned! 💛

I am so thankful to this 3 ladies who made this event happen. Momma Camille, Momma Katrina and Momma Marj. It’s an honor to met you mommas and be part of the team. To have the very first Hakab here in our community is such a big help to raise awareness in our area. Sad truth is, only 3% percent of moms chose to breastfeed here in Tagaytay. The event was a success and all our hard work paid off. So congratulations everyone! We all deserve a pat on our back! I guess I’ll see you next year for the Hakab na 2019, right? Let’s continue to empower one another! I believe soon, we can make a breastfeeding nation.
Hakab Na 2018 Tagaytay Chapter Album click for more photos. Special shoutout to Momshie Kessiah for our photos because when you’re a mommy blogger it’s really hard to take photos of your self. Haha so thank you to my co-mommy blogger! 💛
What’s your favorite part of the event? Let me know in the comment and I hope to see you all again next year!
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