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Haenim UV Sterilizer 3rd Gen Review and Demo

Today with all the technologies and innovations. There are so many gadgets that can help us moms. One of them is the UV Sterilizer.


So what's so special about Haenimin 3rd Gen UV Sterilizer?

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Haenim can sterilize almost all kind of product with UV, from baby needs, toys, even clothes and electronic device. But donโ€™t use drying mode for electronic products.ย Just use UV mode and make sure that UV light can reach all the surfaces that need to be sanitized for optimal results. Battery operated toys, remote controls and as such must remove batteries.

What is UV Sterilizing?

UV Sterilizing is one process of disinfecting and killing bacteria from objects with the use of UV light or ultraviolet rays. Through advanced technology, UV light is channeled and used in breaking molecular bonds between the micro-organismal DNA of bacteria. This process disrupts its cellular functions to effectively kill germs.

Watch my short demo.

My Experience

Since we are exclusively breastfeeding and don’t use bottles, do I really find this Haenim UV Sterilizer worth it?ย 

For me, it’s a YES! Why? Because Haenim can be usedย for almost all products and not only intended for your baby bottles.


What I love about Haenim

1. The touch button system and Aesthetics.ย 

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It’s so easy to use. You just need to plug it and you can already use the unit. It’s soย easy to operate that even my 3 years old can do it but of courseย I won’t allow her. haha

A bonus feature for me is the design. I really love how classy it looks! I instantly fell in love with it.ย 

Click here to see all the features of Haenim UV Sterilizer.ย 

2. It’s Bigger than the usual UV Sterilizer.

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I just love how spacious it is. Its capacity isย large enough for kids toys. After washing her toys with my favorite Pigeon liquid cleanser, I just tap it 3 times to wash off the excess water and simply put it inside the Haenim and set it to auto.ย 

Then voila, after 30 mins I can put the next batch or set it to storage function.ย 

3. It makes myย life easier and secure.

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As a solo mom juggling everything at home, I usually clean Zoe’s toys weekly and it’s really time-consuming for me to dry it manually and there are weeks that I overlook cleaning her toys. But since having the Haenim, I can just leave it on and do other chores while waiting for it.

I also love the fact that it can sterilize almost everything. That gives me peace of mind and security that Zoe won’t get sick easily due to germs/bacteria.ย 

From her toys, books, blankets, pillows, remote control, gadgets, spoon, fork, plate, name it,ย  you can sterilize it in the Haenim.ย ย 

life with zg

So if you’re still wondering if you should get a UV Sterilizer, I hope this post somehow helped you. It is a great investment and all the members of the family will surely benefit from it.ย 

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If you’re still thinking for the perfect gift that worth the investment. Haenim UV Sterilizer is the perfect gift! Get yours now!

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