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Open-ended and Interactive Toys Gift Ideas 2018

I know, Christmas is just around the corner and this post might be a little bit late. But I am doing this gift guide not only for Christmas but you can gift your kids these items for any occasions.ย 

Please save this post as I will keep on updating the list.ย 

I am that MOM.

I am that mom who’s raising an unplugged kid and following Montessori approach. So I am picky when it comes to “TOYS”. My daughter can only buy toys when it’s her birthday and during Christmas. So I always get the interactive toys that will be beneficial for her.ย 

Open-ended Toys

1. Gummy Box PH


What do I love about it?

  1. Unplugged play- your child can create, explore and play with all sorts of colorful materials.
  2. Creative learning- your child will engageย in hands-on activities that will encourage them to open-ended thoughts.ย 
  3. Convenience- all the materials that you need is included in the box already.ย 



The GummyBox is an activity box filled with exciting hands-on projects that aim to inspire creativity and learning. For kids aged four and up.

Zoe is just 3 and half years old but totally enjoyed the Let’s go fishing mini box. Watch our unboxing video below and join our giveaway now!ย 

Check out GummyBox PH ย to see all available items.


Standard box is P 1,500 (3 activities)

Tropical Rain Forest

Underwater World

Dino Dig

Let’s Go Fishing

Light And Colors

Mini box is P 850ย  (1 activity)

Let’s Go Fishing

Animal Spotting Farm

Life Busy Bugs

Light And Color

Pirates Treasure

Wildlife Safari

Starry Night

Monster Mania

My Shadow Puppets

Superhero Adventures

My Butterfly Wings

Wildlife Wonders

2. Moluks

life with zg

I am so thankful I got to know about this MOLUK toys because they are powered simply by a child’s imagination.ย 

What do I love about it?

  • It is sustainable products that don’t just entertain kids on a superficial level but invite real interaction.ย 
  • It is innovative and versatile open-ended toys
  • There’s no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructionsย 

You can also watch how Zoe plays on it in my video above.



What do I love about it?

  • The open-ended nature of Bilibo toys turns them into perfect accessories and versatile props for imaginative play.
  • The abstract objects trigger the imagination and children will use and interpret the toys in ever new ways.
  • Bilibo toys provide countless opportunities to experience and explore many basic laws of nature.

You might wonder what’s special with bilibo? Why buy your child one? Yes, it might look like a boring toy but Zoe loved it because she can do whatever she imagines. She can be a turtle, she can spin inside the shell, balance herself on it and so much more! Watch her play on the video above.ย 

life with zg

To know more about Moluk Toys, visit this link.

Watch out for my molukย giveaway soon! For now, you may join my ongoing giveaway for Gummybox!ย 

ย Watch the video to know how to win these amazing prizes:

1 Gummy Box Mini My butterfly wings

1 Gummy Box Standard Tropical Rainforestย 

life with zg

Interactive Toys

life with zg

4. Bake and Learn Set

life with zg

Zoe loves baking/cooking so much. Whether it’s play pretend or helping me out in the kitchen. She mostly spends her day in her kitchen. So when I saw this Bake and Learn Set I am so happy to get Zoe one.ย 

What do I love about it?

You can do so much about this set.ย 

  • You can teach colors and letters using the cookies.
  • You can build your child’s early counting skills using the number cake.
  • You can teach your child shapes and she/he can mix and match the brownies to develop fine motor skills.
  • Lastly, all the items in the set are realistic baking toys to inspire imaginative play.
life with zg

The Bake and Learn set includes:

  1. Mixing bowl
  2. Spoon
  3. Measuring cup
  4. Rolling pin
  5. 3 Shape measuring spoon and ring
  6. 4 Alphabet cookies
  7. Cookie sheet
  8. 4 Two-piece shape brownies
  9. 5-Piece counting cake
  10. Plate

It also comes with an activity guide.

Zoe’s really happy to have this bake and learn set. Since our motto is to learn while playing. This is such a great toy that your child will surely love!ย 

We can talk about colors, numbers, shapes, and letter while having fun playing with the set.

5. Alpha Pops

Oh we’re craving for popsicles! Zoe loves these Alpha Pops because it’s too cute and the colors are so bright.

What do I love about it?

  • Your child can develop letter recognition, matching skills, and fine motor skills.
  • We also use it for our play pretend.
  • There are so many ways you can use it.ย 

Zoe loves to spell her name using the alpha pops and she really loves matching Mommy letters to baby letters. We use it for our storytelling as well.ย 

You can get both set from Steam.Creatives. Follow them on social media to see the lists of available items.

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If only I can get all the items, you’ll surely have a hard time choosing because all items are not your ordinary battery operated toys but beneficial toys for your child. So what are you waiting for? Check them out now! Perfect gift idea for any occasions!ย 

life with zg

Thank me later mommies, be sure to save this post as I will keep on updating the list for more gift ideas for your kids. Be sure to share this post with your family and friends and to your Santa to make your wish come true!ย 

Wishing everyone a happy and bright Christmas!ย 


Mommy Genย 

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