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Simple DIY Toy Targeting Many Skills

Do you and your kids loves ice cream? We do! So we want to share this simple and easy diy toy that targets too many skills. Watch this!


  • Colored papers
  • Cardboard
  • Clothespin
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out circles using colored paper. (You may use stickers as well.)
  2. Draw and cut out the ice cream cone.
  3. Glue the circles in the clothespin.ย 


  • Fine motor skills
  • Color Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Simple Counting
  • Color Identification
  • Color Patternย 
  • Play Pretend


It took me only 15 minutes to do this DIY Ice cream toy and it’s a total hit for Zoe. She loves to do pretend plays so she use the patterns as the menu of her ice cream shop. Then I’ll just order and she’ll prepare it for me.

This is such a great idea especially for toddlers. Try it out mamas!ย 


homeschooling activity for toddlers

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Let’s stay connected and I’ll see you on my next post.


Mommy Genย 

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