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Breastfeeding my 3 years old daughter

Yes, Zoe is 3.7 years old and still exclusively breastfed. I know, breastfeeding this long might not for everyone. I totally get that. And I am not forcing anyone who wasn’t comfortable to do extended breastfeeding. So I hope the same goes to all the people who shames me for choosing to breastfeed Zoe until she self wean.

Life with ZG

We are breastfeeding anytime and anywhere since birth til now. Because for me, it is natural, it is love and it’s our bonding. Everytime she sees me sitting, it’s always an opportunity to latch. Sometimes for only 30 seconds, sometimes til she fell asleep. She’s still unli latch at night and that’s okay. Because I get to sleep 8 hours every night. Oh I so love breastfeeding! (If you want to know the benefits of extended breastfeeding, click here.) But most importantly, it is the relationship between the two of us that goes on til she weans. It is irreplaceable. That’s why never I regret choosing to wait til “Zoe self wean”.

This is our journey and no one can make us stop!

Life with ZG
I’m so thankful to my body for giving me the resources to keep my child nourish and thriving. And nothing else matters. This is our journey and no one can make us stop. This is what feels right for me and my daughter. I may not have convinced you to do extended breastfeeding, and that’s okay. But I hope you’ll stop shaming me for choosing differently from the usual.

In this cruel world, let’s not make Motherhood much harder. Especially for us, Solo Moms. Mom-shaming needs to stop. Let’s stop judging and tearing each other apart. Rather let’s unite and choose to be always kind. Spread love and positivity than hate and negativity.


So next time you see a mom, whether they are breastfeeding uncovered or covered, breastfeeding a newborn or breastfeeding a toddler, breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Smile to acknowledge them instead of rolling eyes on them.

If you like this post, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. Always choose LOVE and KINDNESS than Judgement and hate. And if you’re on the same boat as me, you’re doing a great job ย momma! Don’t let their judgement define you.


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