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5 Reasons Why Am I Still Breastfeeding My 4 year old.

Are you one of those people who wonder why do some moms do extended breastfeeding? If yes, you’re in the right page.

I always, always get this questions alot. “What’s her milk?” “What?! You’re still breastfeeding?” “Wala na nakukuha yan.”ย 

Most of the time, I just smile. Because there’s really no point in trying to explain and honestly I don’t need their opinion.ย 

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extended breastfeeding

Today, let me share my reasons why I decided to breastfeed my 4 year old until she self wean.ย 

It’s a mix of emotions to be able to nurture, to comfort and to make my baby safe for 4 years and 1 month through extended breastfeeding.ย 

Yes, Zoe is potty trained at 11 months, she got a complete set of teeth, she can do lots of things already yet Zoe is still breastfed.

Honestly, I don’t need to justify my reasons. But I can see so many moms struggling because society tells them to stop. So if you can relate, comment or send me a message because I see you momma!ย 

5 Reasons Why I Do Extended Breastfeeding

extended breastfeeding

1. It's Our Connection

Breastfeeding is our connection. It is our bonding. ย It is the relationship between the two of us that will go on until she self weans.

The love and magical moments. Those are irreplaceable. Thatโ€™s why I never regret choosing this path. Because this is our journey. This is what feels right for me and Zoe.ย 

2. Nutrition

Elderly always tell me that my breastmilk doesnโ€™t longer provide nutrition so I need to stop breastfeeding Zoe already.ย But hey, thatโ€™s a myth thatโ€™s been going around for years.ย 

Absolutely not true because as long as breastfeeding continues it will continue to be a valuable source of nutrition and the longer you breastfeed the higher the fat and energy your child gets.ย 

Also at the age of 1 solid food should be your childโ€™s main source of nutrients. Our breastmilk will just help make up for the lack of nutrients when there are times they donโ€™t want to eat solid food.ย So together with breastfeeding we do complimentary eating as well.ย 

Read more about the benefits of extended breastfeeding here.ย 

3. I want to normalize it

Breastfeeding this long might not for everyone. But extended breastfeeding is natural. This is my body and this is my choice.ย 

That’s why I always wanted to stand up and raise awareness that it is okay to breastfeed in public, extended breastfeeding and do tandem breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding will never be seen to be NATURAL until we see more mothers breastfeed in public. So if youโ€™re a nursing mom, please breastfeed on. If youโ€™re a mom to be, don’t be afraid and choose to breastfeed. If you’re not nursing, please show some support rather than hate. Spread the love instead of negativity in this cruel world.

4. It's her comfort

How cruel is it if one day I just suddenly stop Zoe to breastfeed? I believe in natural parenting so I respect Zoe’s choices too. And that includes when will she weans.

For Zoe, boobies solve anything. It soothes her. It is her comfort. And I am soย thankful to my body for giving me the resources to keep my child nourish and thriving. And nothing else matters.

5. This is her sleeping pills

Zoe is such a sleepyhead. She’ll latch for a few minutes and then she falls asleep instantly. Since newborn, Zoe sleeps through the night and most of the time unli latch.

As a mom who doesn’t want 8 freaking hours of sleep? That’s why I won’t give up breastfeeding. Plus I get all the snuggles! And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.ย 

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To my fellow breastfeeding mom, whether you’re breastfeeding a newborn or practicing extended breastfeeding, I just want you to know that you’re doing a great job mama! Keep latching! It might not be easy but it is worth it!ย 

Lastly, If the society tells you to stop breastfeeding. Don’t mind them. Don’t let them take away the magic in breastfeeding a toddler.ย 

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