Essential Oils

It was last year when I started to hear a lot of good feedbacks about Essential Oils. Mostly my momma friends raved about its benefits and how it changed their lives. So I did my research. And after almost a month of research. I finally ordered few sets and singles from both Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy. I got most of the Kidsafe oils from EG while singles from PT.
Why did I start oiling?
1. To help me battle my acne. Since I had my pregnancy, acne became my bestfriend. My face was full of cystic acnes thus explains the acne marks after healing.
2. To help me boost Zoe’s immune system especially when its flu season. Though I’m thankful she’s not sickly and only gets a flu once or twice a year.
3. To help me with our everyday life. You know Eos can help you with anything.
Essential oils are very potent. So you really need to do your research. Don’t just buy because people are raving about it. There are also a lot of brands so better research and choose what’s brand suits you. You must also know and practice proper usage and dilution especially when using Eos to your kids. I am not an expert with Eos but I am on this journey to keep learning. For my next post I will be sharing about my Oil stash.
Are you into Essential oils too? How did it changed your lives? 😊
Your oilymomma ZG ❤

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  • Natalie Allen

    How did your skin react? Did the acne get better? My parents own a Lavender Farm in Upstate New York and I often have lavender oil to sprinkle on my pillow if I am feeling stressed or need help going to sleep. I really like the smell, it is so comforting!

  • Joanna Stephens

    That is beyond cool that essential oils can help clear up acne. I will be honest, I figured essential oils were mostly for hippies (not trying to be mean, I’m just uninformed). I really want to look into this now, because it seems like something more people should use, but don’t. Thank you!

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