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Struggling With Embracing Solo Motherhood? Here Are 3 Easy Tips For You.

Being a Solo mother does not have to be a huge challenge. You wonโ€™t always be perfect but your love for your children will always shine. So I get it there are times we struggle with embracing our journey.


Today, let me share you 3 tips that worked for me to embrace my beautiful journey of solo motherhood.

1. Make Time For Yourself.

life with zg

Make sure to take a little time for yourself every day, whether thatโ€™s a morning coffee, doing your skincare, a long shower or a quick 30 minutes in the salon. Spending time relaxing and nurturing yourself will help you better to function as a single person as well as a parent. Self love is everything!

2. Make new friends.


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A support system is very important because it will not only help you emotionally, but it can also be important to your parenting role. You can share tips and strategies for making life with kids easier and more efficient as a solo mom. You and your kids can have a playdate with them too! That’s why I decided to build a support system for solo moms. If youโ€™re a solo mom, weโ€™re happy to have you in our group.ย Like our page and join us!

3. Try new things.


life with zg

Trying new things can be energizing and fulfilling, especially if it is something you have been interested in for a long time. So go for it and explore new opportunities to keep you sane.

As for me, I always wanted to do blogging, and when I had the courage to start it opened new and wonderful opportunities for me. So consider taking classes and learn a new hobby!

Whatever your goals, embrace them! You are fully in control. Don’t let fear stop you from trying new things!

Remember to treat yourself well and find ways to enjoy life every single day! Because trust me, you and your kids will be so much happier.

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