Easter Egg Scissors Skills

For today’s Easter Theme Activity it’s about Scissor Skills. To know more about Zoe’s background with scissors just click this link Scissors Skills. You’ll be needing: Cardboard or Paper Pencil Colored Markers Scissors Instructions: 1. Cut out egg shapes on your cardboard or paper. I used cardboard because Zoe prefers thick paper for cutting today. 2. Draw lines for each egg that will serve as a guide for cutting. 3. Its cutting time! Watch Zoe in action. Look at how focus and cautious she is. Cutting is one of Zoe’s go to activity. Almost every day she’ll grab her scissors whether she’ll cut play doughs, papers or anything that she can cut. The next thing I know she’s been cutting for 30 minutes or more. I hope you’ll try this simple activity with your toddler. 😊 Enjoy! Xoxo Your Momma ZG. ❤ Let’s stay connected! Related Related Posts:Easter Egg PaintingScissors SkillsHow to practice your child’s scissors skills.Easter Hunt Guide 2019Easter Carrot Footprint