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5 Factors To Consider When Buying Nursing Bra.

I’ve been breastfeeding Zoe for almost 3.3 years now and we’re still going strong with no signs of weaning yet. As a first time mom who plans to breastfeed til Zoe self wean I really bought a lot of nursing bras. But sadly stopped wearing them when Zoe turned 1 year old because it’s not comfortable anymore. So I told myself next time I’ll invest and pick nursing bra wisely.

Luckily, I found Coobie Bras. They have all types of bra not just nursing bra. They sent me two kinds of bra, nursing bra and scoop neck which are the bestsellers for me to try.

5 factors I consider when buying Nursing Bra.


Since pregnancy I don’t wear wired bra already. So I always look for non wired with soft cups bra. 

2. Support

It should provide support and should be the perfect fit for you.

3. Closures

The clips should be durable and easy to unfasten and fasten everytime you breastfeed.

4. Style and Color

This factor really depends on your preference. Select style and color depending on your wardrobe.

5. Adjustability

The straps and bands should give you comfort. Especially to the new moms because breast size change once you breastfeed.

Coobie Nursing Bra


• Easy snap clasps to make breastfeeding easier and comfortable.

• Side support panel to keep bra in place during breastfeeding.

• Wideband to keep in place and more comfortable.

My experience:

Upon trying, it’s really true to it’s claim that it is one of the most comfortable bra. The fabric is very soft and lightweight. The clips are very easy to unfasten one handed, which is very important especially when I’m  breastfeeding on the go. It has a removable pads too. It held me up and gives me a decent shape.

nursing bra

I received the racerback nursing bra and I’m so happy to have this. Because it fits my wardrobe. Plus it  looks so stylish despite being a nursing bra unlike those available in the market that feels like a granny owned bra. Even if Zoe weans I will surely still use this! I just hope it’s durable. Will update this post after a few months.

Check out Coobie’s nursing bra collection Here

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It’s so easy to use while feeding and Zoe was not irritated as well. So yes, it’s Mommy and Baby ZG approved!

Coobie Scoopneck Bra

nursing bra

My experience

I personally think every women should own one of this scoopneck bra. It is an essential for every wardrobe and they have too many colors for you to choose from. It’s super comfortable as well while giving you the perfect fit. You can easily style them. Awra momshies! haha

Check out their Scoopneck collection here.

Final Verdict:

I know that not all of you are in the market for nursing bras, but Coobie got you! They have a lot more to offer. So if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, I highly recommend checking them out. There are so many pretty options! I personally recommend this Nursing Bra and Scoopneck for everyday use. Next time I’ll try out their Lace Bralette.

I also have good news for everyone! They’re on sale! Get 20% off to celebrate the breastfeeding month! So hurry and cart now.

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For all my breastfeeding moms out there, have you tried Coobie’s nursing bra? And for everyone else, when was the last time you bought new bras? It might be time for an upgrade! Shop now here!

nursing bra

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