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Hi everyone, I am Gen thanks for stopping by!

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What is Life with ZG all about?

Life with ZG is a page to inspire, to empower and to reach out to women, especially young moms and solo moms. Through this page, I provide help by sharing our journey. Because if I can survive the ups and downs of life, you surely can too! I am here to help!

I chose Life with ZG as my blog name because the main focus of this page is share our journey together. How to survive life as a single mom, how to raise a daughter alone, how to be whole again and everything in between. Fun fact: ZG is both our initials. 

Behind Life with ZG

Hi love! My name is Zyra, Zy to my close friends, Gen to my newly found friends and Mom to Zoe. A Happy Solo Mom BY CHOICE to a lovely, smart, kind and beautiful toddler named Zoe. 

I am a breastfeeding advocate, babywearing enthusiast, unschooling mom, co-sleeping mom and raising an unplugged kid kind of mom. 

Oh, I have a gift for you for being here. Grab it now. 

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Why are you here?

A single mom looking for answers.

Are you here because you’re a fellow single mom. I just want to say hi, I see you, I feel you and I am here for you. If you need a friend. If you want to talk. If you want to ask me a question, I’ll answer it to the best of my ability. All my social media accounts are listed below. Don’t be shy and shoot me a message!

Being a single mom is not a walk in a park. But one thing I am sure of is that it is definitely worth all your sacrifices! If you’re down right now or a newly single mom whose not sure yet how to cope up. You might want to read up these articles. All about my solohood journey. And if you need a support system. I created a safe haven for us single moms. You are very welcome to join us here.

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Or you’re here because you have a business or a brand and looking for a blogger to collab with. I have almost 15,000 social media following growing every day that can surely help you with your business. I post all things about my journey to solo parenthood, life with Zoe, homeschooling, lifestyle, beauty, food, and reviews. Contact me and let’s talk about your proposal.


Don't have time to write blog posts?

Lastly if you’re here because you need a writer, content creator or copywriter. You can also hire me  anytime. I work according to your needs. Let’s talk and let me help you!

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Fun Facts

If you’ll ask me what’s my super power. It’s multitasking. Surviving everyday while juggling everything on my own is what im good at! haha I love dancing, I used to be a gym rat before pregnancy, I am a baker at ZG Bakes.  And I love photography.

Buy me a coffee and we can instantly be a bestfriend! Because I am fueled by caffeine everyday! 

Beach is my happy place, the sounds of the waves calms me, I love the sand on my hair, the sun on my face  and watching the stars at night. 

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I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and be inspired by our journey. Always remember to follow your dreams especially your heart’s desire. ❤ To all my fellow single mom, we got this! Stay strong!

In conclusion, if you’re ready to conquer this solohood journey with me. Follow along this blog Life with ZG and all my social media accounts and let’s do this together!

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