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How to start saying no to single use plastic.

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog about sustainable living. I feel you, it’s not easy. But when will you start to make a difference? The answer is today.



The solutions to our plastic pollution start with your awareness. Climate change is getting worse and we need to do something about it already. Plastics everywhere! It’s crazy how we, Filipinos are not aware of our waste especially with the single use of plastic.

So today, let me share some tips on how can you say no to single-use plastic. 

Say no to single use plastic!

What is the single-use plastic? It’s the items that are designed to be used once and then you’ll throw away where they will live on in our environment for hundreds of years. Such as plastic bags, bottles, cups, straws, utensils. 


1. Always bring your own bag!

life with zg

Use a cloth or reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. It’s lightweight and you can reuse it all over again. As for me, I always have this cotton net bag from Clife.PH at all time. It’s so handy and whenever I need to buy something instead of asking for a plastic nor a paper bag I just handed them my bag. 

2. Recycle as much as possible.

Let’s be honest, we can’t live a plastic-free life that easily. But if you do have a sturdy plastic, just reuse them and don’t throw them away so easily. Look around your house and don’t buy unnecessary items. Start shopping consciously and reuse as much as possible.  

3. Bring your own water bottle everywhere!

Invest in a good stainless steel water that will last for a year than opting to buy a bottled water/juice everytime you’re out. Imagine how many water bottle you’re accumulating in a month that will only pile up to the landfills. By using your own container you can refuse the straw as well. 

Now let me ask you.

Do you want a world with more single-use plastic water bottles, bags, coffee cups, and plastic bags that are floating around the ocean, or do you think there is enough already?

Let’s start now, not tomorrow! Let’s do our part and help stop the plastic pollution from getting worse. We can all do our part to prevent further damage to our environment and our waterways from plastics!

life with zg


To help you start your zero waste journey, I partnered with Cleanlife.PH and we are giving away 2 cotton net bags that you can bring anywhere for you to refuse single-use plastic easily. 


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This giveaway will run from December 13, 2018, to December 28, 2018.

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