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    Breastfeeding my 3 years old daughter

    Yes, Zoe is 3.7 years old and still exclusively breastfed. I know, breastfeeding this long might not for everyone. I totally get that. And I am not forcing anyone who wasn’t comfortable to do extended breastfeeding. So I hope the same goes to all the people who shames me for choosing to breastfeed Zoe until she self wean. We are breastfeeding anytime and anywhere since birth til now. Because for me, it is natural, it is love and it’s our bonding. Everytime she sees me sitting, it’s always an opportunity to latch. Sometimes for only 30 seconds, sometimes til she fell asleep. She’s still unli latch at night and that’s…

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    3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Coldlayers Cafe

    1. It serves everything you crave for! Zoe is just 3 years old but she loves food and usually craves for anything so when I heard about Coldlayers, we are so happy that they have everything. From soup, savory meals, milk tea and their snow ice! Β  2. It’s Homey Ambiance If you love instagram, I highly recommend this cafe! It’s interior is so instagrammableΒ and you can take photos all you want while enjoying your food. The staff are all so kind as well! Β  3. The food comes in big servings and it’s affordable. For me, as a mom. The food is really affordable because it comes in big…

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    I always love the idea of twinning with my daughter. I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a daughter so they can play dress up. I like to buy twinning clothes or just mix and match our clothes. It’s one of our bonding and Zoe really likes it when we do twinning. Last year, I bought this twinning wrap dress from @chichigirlscloset. It’s one of our favorite but Zoe almost outgrow her dress. We love to pair our dresses with our white shoes. Zoe loves her Sperry and I’m wearing Adidas. Whenever we take ootds, almost all photos are candid because we’re just playing and enjoying while my brother…


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