• mr. gulaman

    Strawberry Milk with Jelly (Gulaman Recipe)

    Do you love drinking Korean flavored milk too? Fan of strawberry? Well today, I have strawberry milk with strawberry jelly recipe for you. We made the jelly using Mr.Gulaman Strawberry flavor. Zoe and I love cooking together so we decided to have a new series called ZG SHARE. ZG SHARE Before we hop into the video for the recipe, I’ll be sharing a tip when using Mr.Gulaman. I only use 2 cups of water for every 1 pack of mr.gulaman. Because we want our jelly hard and my daughter can’t wait that much for the jelly to set. It will only take a few minutes and no need to regenerate…

  • Thalera

    Thalera Unboxing

    Iโ€™m so excited to be part of Thalera Family. If youโ€™re wondering what is Thalera. It is the first-ever FREE online subscription for consumers in the Philippines! If you want to receive your own box, visit www.thalera.com My box is an exclusive box filled with special sample products. Just keep on reading to know whatโ€™s inside my box. Gluta-C products Your skin deserves better and itโ€™s time to let it glow. If youโ€™re aiming for a smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin. Be choosy and try out the following products from Gluta-C. Gluta-C Papaya Soap It Claims: Intense Whitening Glutathione and Vitamin C defend against photoaging and intensely lighten dark spots…

  • life with zg

    Tips On How To Get Your Child Sleep Early.

    I am so thankful Zoe is such an easy kid. I know most parents are struggling with putting their child early to sleep. For some moms, bedtime is a recurring nightmare. So for today, let me share to you how did I manage to put Zoe to sleep early.  ROUTINE Establishing a good bedtime routine is so important. Because when your child knows her/his routine already, your child will automatically prepare her/his self when it’s time to go to bed.  What I did to Zoe was since her newborn days, I already established her sleeping routine. Luckily, til today at almost 3 and a half years old her bedtime is…

  • life with zg

    How to curl using a water bottle and a hair dryer.

    I tried the viral video using a water bottle and a hair dryer. Does it work? Watch my video and find out if it’s a yay or a nay! Enjoy watching! Please don’t forget to watch in HD and subscribe on my channel! If you like this post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! Love, Momma Gen.ย  Let's stay connected!

  • life with zg

    JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar Feature

    Upon searching for restaurants around Alabang, I stumbled upon Jaeu Bistro and Ramen Bar. I find it interesting because of the hashtags #teamramen or #teamsteak. That’s 2 of my favorite in one. So when Ms. Ina invited us we’re so excited and they even prepared a set of menu for us. But before getting into my review, I had the chance to ask Ms.Ina Tuason some questions. 1. How did you started? How and why did you decied to Jaeu? It’s my mom Dra. Josephine Tuason ย and Dra. Jo Lu’s project with their friend, Chef Jojie. They both love food, and as a chef who trained in Europe and Japan,…

  • life with zg

    Tips and Tricks In Using Shampoo Bars

    Last time I talked about the reasons why switch to shampoo bars.ย Click here. Today, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for you! ย Create The Lather in Your Hands. Use your fingers like a comb and smooth the lather along your hair.ย  Don’t let your shampoo bar sit in a puddle of water. You must store it onย a well-drained soap dish or a container. Allow soap plenty of fresh air to dry between uses. I don’t store mine inside my bathroom as I noticed it’s melting even if it is well-drained when inside the bathroom due to moisture. If your bar ever gets waterlogged and becomes gooey, simply set it…

  • life with zg

    Handcrafted Soap

    In the last few weeks, I had the pleasure to try out some goodies from Artisan Bliss. I was drawn to their products because it’s handcrafted and all natural! For this review, they sent me some of their best seller and the complete variety of shampoo bars. And I must say all the soap feel so wonderful on my skin. As a mom, I don’t have the luxury of putting lotion every single day so my skin tends to dry out. But since I used the soaps from Artisan, my skin is softer and healthier.ย  It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and flaky. PACKAGING I love the packaging because…

  • Baby wipes

    Biodegradable Baby Wipes by BCare Review

    To be honest, I am not a fan of wipes. Why? Because Zoe have a super sensitive skin and using wipes usually develops rashes and trigger her allergies. I know for a lot of moms, they can’t go out without having one. So when I found out about Bcare Bamboo Wipes I was so intrigued. BCare Bamboo Wipes claims: 1. Soft as cotton but more absorbent. Extra thick and wonderfully soft. No wet and sticky feeling will be left on your baby’s skin because these wipes absorb 40% more moisture compared to cotton. 2. It has natural antibacterial. The wipes are bacteria-fighting by mature, thanks to bamboo ‘kun’ which is…

  • TakoMagi Tagaytay

    Last Thursday we visited TakoMagi in Tagaytay. The vibe of their place will really transport you in a cozy Japanese Ramen house without breaking your bank. But before getting into the review let me share to all of you my interview with Mr. Edrianne Dela Cruz, the owner of TakoMagi. Why did you decided to pursue a career in the restaurant business? My passion is in arts really, but art and food goes hand in hand, I love good food and product presentation and visual display adds up to how you experience your food. That’s the reason we have different cuisine all over the world that are offered here in…


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