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Fun Ways To Introduce Flashcards To Toddlers

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Do your kids love flashcards? Or they just love tearing them apart? On this blog, I will be sharing few tricks to introduce flashcards in a fun way to your kids especially toddlers. 

Flashcards can be boring in this age because of technology. Kids will surely prefer to hold gadgets than flashcards for sure. But as a mom raising an unplugged kid, I always make sure that Zoe will have fun while learning. 


Flashcard is a great tool to teach variety of skills. Just in time as Buksan PH just launched their new products. 

Fun ways to use the flashcards

Unlike most of the kids nowaday, Zoe’s first language is not English. Because for me, English is easier to teach than Filipino. And since we’re residin in the Philippnes, she should be able to converse well in Filipino. 

So with the help of Buksan PH flashcards, Zoe is more interested to learn more tagalog words daily. 

buksan ph

1. Tell a story

Making a story with the use of the flashcard will help them recognize and memorize the word. It’s a fun way to build your child’s vocabulary. 

2. Memory Game

Zoe. I will turn the flashcards down and Zoe will guess the words. Sometimes, I duplicate some flashcards and let Zoe find the matching card. 

This is not only a fun game but it also tests Zoe’s memorization skills and language skills. 

3. Scavenger Hunt

In a rush? No time to prepare? This is our go to ways in using the flashcards. No need for preparation. 

Zoe will pick a card in the deck of flashcards and then she will either tell me what part of the body is that card, bring the exact item to me or draw what number is the card. 


4. Eye Spy

This is another hit for Zoe. She loves being a detective so she love to spy on things. 

I put flashcards all over the room. Then I will say a word and let her find the card. Zoe will run around the room and find the cards. When she’s having a hard time, I give her clues like “up/down” or “left/right”.

This game builds her concentration skills, patience and sense of direction too. 

5. Trace or draw them

Since Zoe loves to draw and can write well already at the age of 3. I just let her copy or draw the word in the flashcard. 

In this way, it enhances her eye-hand coordination, motor skills and language skills. 


buksan ph

Yes, flashcards can be boring but there are lots of ways to make it fun and interesting. With some creativity, flashcards can be a fun and memorable time connecting with your kids too. So try oit one of these actives and let me know how it goes! 

For more learning materials don’t forget to check out Buksan PH. You may order here


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