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Biodegradable Baby Wipes by BCare Review

To be honest, I am not a fan of wipes. Why? Because Zoe have a super sensitive skin and using wipes usually develops rashes and trigger her allergies. I know for a lot of moms, they can’t go out without having one. So when I found out about Bcare Bamboo Wipes I was so intrigued.

BCare Bamboo Wipes claims:

1. Soft as cotton but more absorbent.

Extra thick and wonderfully soft. No wet and sticky feeling will be left on your baby’s skin because these wipes absorb 40% more moisture compared to cotton.

2. It has natural antibacterial.

The wipes are bacteria-fighting by mature, thanks to bamboo ‘kun’ which is found in cloth-like bamboo fiber they use.

3. Earth-Friendly

Since they are made from 100% natural fibers, it is biodegradable. It will fully break down and go back in nature 21 days after proper disposal.

4. Amazingly Durable

These wipes are strong and thick that it can benefit you twice. Just rinse mildly the used sheets and hang dry.

5. Skin Soothing and Calming

The chamomile extract in the wipes ensures gentle care for baby’s sensitive skin. Baby wipes



Using wipes for Zoe is so crucial so looking at Bcare Bamboo wipes ingredients is a must for me. And im so happy it’s paraben free.


Typically, majority of the wipes available in the market are made of synthetic fibers. But BCare Bamboo wipes is made from 100 percent bamboo fibre.


This wipe is not too wet nor dry. It’s gives you the perfect moisture.


It claims to be durable. I compared 2 brands and it’s definitely thicker than the usual brands in the market.


Thankfully this wipes is unscented.

What’s in our bags?

What's in my bag

Final Verdict:

I will never go back to the usual wipes available in the market. Why? 1. Zoe can use the BCare bamboo wipes without triggering her allergies. BCare Bamboo Wipes 2. It’s so soft and durable like a cloth. She had fun washing her wipes and still looks fine even when she used it twice already. 3. I am using the wipes as a makeup remover and I must say I didn’t had breakout. It didn’t dried out my face and can remove my makeup in just one swipe leaving my skin clean and supple. 4. It’s a sulit find for it’s affordable price. 21 pesos for 10pcs/pack, 38 pesos for 30pcs/pack and 89 pesos for 80pcs/pack. Baby wipes 5. We’re helping mother nature. B Care helps take care of the enviroment while taking care of us. It decomposes in 21 days unlike those wipes with synthetic fibers. They will never breakdown so they can clog waterways and will only accumulate into mountains of waste. So instead of throwing Zoe’s used wipes in the garbage, we dig a small hole in the ground and will check if it will really disappear after 21 days. Bonsai The only downside is that it’s not available in the supermarket. You can check them out here instead Instagram Facebook. Pin this By purchasing your own BCare Bamboo wipes it’s one step closer in saving Mother Earth, one sheet at a time. So Choose #bcare and hoard now! After all, BCare means Best Care for all. Get yours now! If you love seeing products review don’t forget to subscribe and share this post. Love, Momma ZG ❤

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