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Handcrafted Soap

In the last few weeks, I had the pleasure to try out some goodies from Artisan Bliss. I was drawn to their products because it’s handcrafted and all natural! For this review, they sent me some of their best seller and the complete variety of shampoo bars. And I must say all the soap feel so wonderful on my skin.

As a mom, I don’t have the luxury of putting lotion every single day so my skin tends to dry out. But since I used the soaps from Artisan, my skin is softer and healthier.ย  It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and flaky.ย 



I love the packaging because it has the list of ingredients which is so important for me. The packaging is also biodegradable according to the owner! Hooray for less waste!ย 


How does it feels on my skin.

life with zg

Tried each soap for at least 2 weeks.ย  And all of them areย very gentle on the skin. Itย lathers decentlyย andย washes away easily without leaving behind any slippery feeling. Myย skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized. I donโ€™t even feel the need to moisturize my skin immediately after a shower. Like I have already said, I haveย dry skinย and all of these soap is justย perfect for my skin.


life with zg

This delicate handcrafted *Soleseife (or brine soap) is made with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Rose Clay to create a soft rosy hue. Scented with Lavender Essential Oil for added classic and relaxing floral blend. In the Pot Swirl technique to create this beautiful swirling texture.


This is my favorite among all soap. It smells so good and somehow relaxes me. I love to use it especially when I had a long day.ย 

Click the see the Ingredients.ย 

lifer with zg

Goats Lala

This deliciously looking, luscious soap is handmade with Goats Milk and Colloidal Oatmeal for a mild exfoliation.

They don’t claim anything about this specific product, but Oatmeal soap is known to relieve skin irritation and itching, moisturizes and naturally exfoliates the skin, reduces oil from the skin and natural acne treatment.

Goats milk, on the other hand,ย is known to be an effective skin moisturizer that helps contribute to skin softness due to capric-caprylic triglyceride and skin smoothness due to its naturally occurring lactic acid and vitamins A, D, and B6.

This is perfect if you have sensitive skin or skin irritations and you can use it for both your face and body.


Just like the usual oatmeal soap, I love how deliciously looking it is that excites me everytimeย I’ll take a shower. I love how it moisturizes my skin.ย 

Click to see the Ingredients.

Black Pearl

life with zg

A handcrafted facial cleansing bar full of skin-loving naturalย ingredients that deeply cleanse the face, combined with Tamanu Oil known for its wonderful skin care healing agent and calming fresh scent of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Activated Charcoal is known for its amazing ability to draw toxins/impurities out of the skin, makes it effective in removing excess oil along with the dirt and grime from the skin.

Skin Blemishes? it is effective in removing excess oil along with the dirt and grime from the skin. With regular use, can provide blemish-free skin by effectively removing impurities and toxins and exfoliating the skin.

Clogged Pores? it is the best solution to reduce their size as it has the quality to make the skin firmer and tighter at a rapid pace.ย 

Premature Aging? Charcoal is also known to be an effective way to stop premature aging. It helps to do away with the wrinkles and fine lines, thus preventing you from looking old and having a dull, tired face.


I so love this black pearl, especially because it contains Tamanu. I am an oilbularya and one of my favorite carrier oil is tamanu because it really did wonders on blemishes and dark spot. I really recommend this one.

Click to see the Ingredients.

Guac My World

life with zg

This handcrafted soap bar is not your average soap. It’a luxurious, all-natural skin conditioner in a bar. Blended with Avocado Oil, Avocado Butter, and fresh Avocado Puree, among other things.ย ย Peppermint Essential Oil gave a crisp and refreshing scent. Added with wonderful natural soap colorant, Spirulina and a popular additive known for its fantastic oil absorbing properties, French Green Clay.

Truly, this soap bar will GUAC your world!


Among all the soap I tried this is one of my least favorite. I don’t know maybe because it smells like alginate for me.ย Though it doesnโ€™t smell fancy it gives a refreshing feel and moisturizes my skin well.

Click to see the Ingredients.

Let's support Handcrafted soaps.

The owner of Artisan’s Bliss is a fellow solo mom too. It’s a small world and I just love supporting local and small business.ย 

I hope by now, I already convinced you to switch to handcrafted soaps.

Let’s practice purchasing anything from a local small business.ย 

Check them out here:




life with zg

Do you use handcraftedย soap as well? What made you switch?ย 

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