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Hi love! My name is Zyra Genesis, Zy to my close friends, Gen to my newly found friends and Mom or Mommy to Zoe. A Happy Solo Mom BY CHOICE to a lovely, smart, kind and beautiful toddler named Zoe Gabrielle.
Through this page I aim to inspire women, especially solo moms and teenage moms, to follow their dreams and most of all their hearts.

For the longest time I don’t have the courage to start blogging. I always make draft posts but I never publish them. And finally today I decided to start.

I will be posting topics about my journey to motherhood, soloparenthood, basically my life with Zoe, lifestyle, travels and reviews.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in my page and if you do, please don’t forget so share my blog and let’s stay connected in all my social media accounts. ❤

I want to reach out to more people. To empower, educate and be an inspiration especially to my fellow solo moms and young moms. So if you want to ask me a question, I’ll answer it to the best of my ability. If you want to talk, I’m here. Contact me here.

I am also a baker so if you want to satisfy your cravings or you have upcoming party. You may send us a message at our facebook page ZG Bakes ❤ Our products are worth every calories!


Mommy ZG

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